Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ryan's Wine Stains

Ryan and friends wining and dining.*
TPM is reporting that Congressdweep Paul Ryan was recently seen wining and dining with a couple of "economists" (or more likely lobbyists) at a swanky DC eatery.  This in itself isn't a problem for me.

The outrage came from the fact that these three moneybags swilled down two $350 bottles of wine during the time, even as Ryan is trying to cut Grandma and Grandpa off the public dole to which they have paid their whole working life.

Not only that, but how can Ryan squander that much money when there are reality television stars starving to death out there?!

* Photo courtesy of TPM


  1. Thanks Chris.

    The menu is in French. I'm afraid Rep. Ryan may have to check his "man card," with the GOP.

    Here's a url to the Bistro Bis.

    Bistro Bis is NOT a "Joe-sixpack," steak and potatoes kind a place.

    I don't think this will go over well with the Tea Party or the rest of the country.

    I haven't seen the JS covering this yet.

  2. Forgot to mention the wine was IMPORTED from France.

    2004 Domaine Robert Jayer-Gilles Echezeaux du Dessus

    Rep. Ryan can't even be bothered to order wine made in America.

  3. More power to him--Michelle Oboma flew to Africa on a 747--that cost more than $350 and it was not her money--

    1. And Laura Bush didn't? How about Barbara Bush? Nancy Reagan? I guess only"Democrat" first ladies fly places... fuck off..

  4. Actually, as a public employee, as the right wingers like to tell me, it's their money, not mine, nor Ryan's.