Sunday, July 10, 2011

...And Starring Gerry Manders As The Weasel

Late on Friday afternoon, when politicians typically release news that they know will be unpopular and/or make them look bad, the Republicans announced their redistricting gerrymandering.  It is just yet another example of their overreach.  It is also a tell that they know damn good and well that their agenda is extremely unpopular and bad for the state, so they are doing everything they can to make sure the will of the people are thwarted so that they may keep power in order to form a more perfect oligarchy.

Methinks that they will find that the more they overreach and power grab, the bigger the flashback will be against them.

The Republicans did this with the help of a high-cost private law firm and in complete secrecy.  They did not once consult with the Democrats or with local officials.  They will find that this will bite them in the rear as well, and it is my understanding that at least one law suit has been already filed.

Among the first reactions is that the Republicans have shown that they have no faith in the starving reality star, Sean Duffy, being able to win another election unless he is well protected.  To do so, they've cut out three counties, despite 100 years of tradition of them being in the same district of the far northeast.  By doing this, the Republicans have succeeded in alienating and disenfranchising all the voters in those counties, who rely on Wausau for their TV news.

On a state government level, they Republicans have managed to do their redistricting gerrymandering to almost all of the Democrats involved with the various recalls, either by making those districts much more conservative or by cutting them out, even if by only half a block.

If you want to see what they are doing to your representation, you can find it in these maps.

On a personal level, they would change both my state representative and state senator.

If this is passed as is, my state rep would be first (and last) termer Mike Kuglitsch, whose claim to fame appears to be the successful owner of a glorified bowling alley/banquet hall in the New Berlin industrial park and puppet for the GOP agenda.

Even more exciting, my new senator would be Mary Lazich, known as being one of the worst legislators in the state, as ranked by her peers, who's claim to fame is utter stupidity and a really, really, really bad taste in legislative aides.


  1. This is one of many ways they are trying to protect themselves for re-election. Around the country they are trying to make it more difficult for people to vote which is mainly focused on minority communities and elderly and students. They are truly showing us just how ruthless they are.

  2. This is a public service announcement: Elections have consequences.

    You're welcome.

  3. Cindy-

    Here's a life lesson for you: All behaviors and choices have consequences.

    Don't be surprised when the consequences come to back to bite you.

  4. Typical GOP- Pre-election "We'll clean up government and restore ethics."

    Post-election- "We're cleaning putting the pay-for-play abuses of the previous administration, and then putting them on steroids. This is OK because we're the chosen people, and we're incapable of thinking past the next year anyway, so we'll grab as much power as we can in the short time we have."

    One fluky election on a deceived public does not buy you the ability to screw the state. The retribution for all of you will be severe, Cindy. And keeping it only to the ballot box level would be an outcome you should pray for.