Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Conservative Grouse As Milwaukee Starts To Heal

Now that Scott Walker has formalized what he did eight years ago, which is abdicate his responsibilities as Milwaukee County Executive, Lee Holloway becomes the first African American county executive.

He started out with some bold moves in righting the ship, including getting rid of some of Walker's operatives who have aided in ruining the county. Included among those who were separated from their employment were Steven Kreklow, who created two illegal, deficit-laden budgets and Tim Russell, who lied on his resume and is the subject of a John Doe probe, and by all accounts is in pretty deep trouble.

In other words, Holloway got rid of people who wasted tax dollars or who might have broken the law. Even though Holloway was fully in his right to do these things, conservatives aren't happy about it. Owen Robinson called it an abuse of power. Fred Dooley labeled it "thug rule."

And here I thought conservatives were supposed to be against squandering tax payer money and for law and order.

Go figure.

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  1. Robinson's use of the term "BOHICA" is disturbing. I had to say it and didn't want to waste the keystrokes over at BS.