Thursday, December 16, 2010

Now That's A Rant!

Last night, I wrote a piece at Milwaukee County First about how the Milwaukee County Board was afraid of being double-crossed by Scott Walker. They have nothing to worry about. Everyone knows that Walker is a two-faced hypocrite and that he'll dump on Milwaukee County as soon as he gets in office.

A regular reader of MCF, using the moniker of "had enough,"" left quite the rant for a comment, which I felt worthy of repeating here:
Who did not see this coming?

Scott Walker will do everything he can to make himself look good at the expense of anyone else. He will shift blame and responsibility onto anyone he can.

Lets remember, he proposed the creation of a Parks District with its own taxing authority to replace the Milw. County Parks system. This would have allowed Walker to have lowered property taxes by a penny or two while the new Parks District would have to raise taxes to do what actually needed to be done to have the quality parks deparement that this community actually deserves.<>

Not for us in Wisconsin though! No, not us. We want to go back to the future. We want to be the worlds largest producer of buggy whips!

Go Scott, go!!!

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