Sunday, December 19, 2010

Walker's Less Than Auspicious Start

Besides Scott Walker's fiasco involving high speed rail, he is having a less than auspicious in other areas as well.

Despite taking office in just two short weeks, made shorter because of the holidays and his much-anticipated resignation as county executive, he apparently still doesn't have a clue on how to create the 250,000 jobs he promised in his campaign:

I thought he had a plan already. That's what he told the voters during the campaign. But this shows that he does not.

I hope someone breaks it to him that with all the companies that have decided to either leave the state or just close up shop since he's been elected, including Talgo, he will be needing to create about 260,000 or even 270,000 jobs now.

But creating all of those jobs is starting to look like something that is well beyond his capacity, since he can't even fill the jobs in his own cabinet. While the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel makes it appear that this is just being careful with who he picks, Bill Christofferson notes that, a genuine news source, portrays a much different picture:
As Gov.-elect Scott Walker moves toward announcing his cabinet, names of possible picks for key posts are emerging -- and several of them have strong local government experience.

Multiple sources tell WisPolitics that Paul Jadin, the head of the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and former mayor, is in the mix for DOA secretary.

It's believed Walker has considered at least two other people for the post, but like with other potential appointments, has had some difficulty persuading candidates from the private sector to give up their jobs for a significant pay cut to join state government.
That would be probably closer to the truth. As Milwaukee County Executive, Walker was notorious for not being able to get anyone willing to work for him, and when he finally did, it was rare that they would stick around for more than a couple, thee years before vacating the position for somewhere, anywhere else.

And for what it's worth, in what may or may not be a related matter, I found this tweet by good Twitter buddy @ashleestarin to be rather interesting:

Whatever the case is with Jill Bader, I'm sure Aaron Rodriguez will be on top of the story. It's nice to see that he is able to create a handful of jobs for his cronies. For the rest of us, well I guess we're just SOL, if we thought he was going to actually do something positive for the state.


  1. "Walker was notorious for not being able to get anyone willing to work for him"
    But yet you worked for him, didn't you capper?

  2. I've never been a cabinet member, no. I thought you would have known that.

  3. capper doesn't work for Walker. He works for the citizens of MC...just like Walker does. There is a big difference.