Saturday, December 18, 2010

Effects Of Train Wreck Walker's Decision Already Coming

So while Scott "Train Wreck" Walker and his supporters are still trying to justify his foolishness in killing high speed rail, we will soon be seeing the effects of his limiting the commuters' options already:
Travel times on the busy section of freeway will more than double during a repaving project scheduled to last about three months, from early April to the end of June.

Motorists commuting between the Marquette Interchange and Wisconsin Highway 16 can expect to add an hour per day to their drive time.
With gas already hovering around $3 per gallon and sure to go higher, this is going to hurt us more ways than one.

It's still two weeks before Walker is even sworn into office, and he is already well on his way to being labelled the worst governor in state history. What an idiot.


  1. Yeah, except, if past performance is indicative of future results, the train wouldn't have helped matters any. Last time 94 was resurfaced, the DOT rain a commuter train as an alternative to driving in. Commuters didn't use it, so they're not even bothering this time around.

  2. A) It was a different kind of train,
    B) That was 13 years ago, well before the time gas became $3 a gallon,
    C) The train has been successful everywhere else, in current day, and that would be a much more accurate indicator, and
    D) The urban sprawl was not as pronounced as it is now, which means there would have been less demand.

  3. Even if Walker not killed the project, high-speed rail would not have been in place in April. The soonest it would have been running is 2013. And it's a DOT under a Doyle administration that opted to not run the commuter line this summer.

    But don't let your hatred of GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER cloud your judgment.