Monday, December 27, 2010


Brewtown Gumshoe:

Scott Walker loves to repeat his "I've held property taxes low" talking-point as some sort of validation and/or credibility for his (allegedly) superior vision and management skills. The County portion of property taxes were down 0.6 percent last year. The City's portion was down 2.5 percent, while the State was down 7.4 percent.

So, using Scott Walker's own logic, Governor Doyle and Mayor Barrett have an even better vision and even better management skills.

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  1. And you're leaving out the 0.5% sales tax that the County gets to offset some of their property taxes, which is something the City cannot do.

    Let's just say that given what Walker will demand in cuts to local governments, he'll force an increase property taxes much higher than any Dem ever has. Keep this in front of people during Scotty's short tenure.