Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Walker Unable To Find Wisconsinites For His Cabinet

When Goobernator-elect Scott Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, he often had to go outside of the county and outside of the state to find people who would be willing to work for him. Even then, he had problems filling slots, as evidenced by the multiple Directors of Human Services and the many positions that he could only fill using interim directors.

Apparently his reputation as a poor leader precedes him, as he was having problems filling his cabinet positions in Madison.

Today, only days before he is sworn into office, he finally announces a few of the suckers appointees to various positions in his cabinet. Staying with his pattern of failure, they are less than impressive.

There is Cathy "I need a job" Strepp, who he wants for dismantling the DNR in favor of a deer czar.

And then there is Dennis G. Smith, whom he appointed to be head of Human Services. Smith doesn't even live in Wisconsin, so there is little hope that he will understand Wisconsin's particular needs. Of course, when he is probably going to cut hundreds of thousands of people off of Badger Care, it doesn't take any particular knowledge of the state, just a good hatchet man.

No wonder there's a groundswell of anger that could make 2012 really quite interesting.


  1. He got close to the bottom of list and found the fat people with sweat stains in their pants and chose not to ask you!

    Maybe next term?

  2. LOL. Actually, he did reach out to the Democrats, asking for help because he is over his head. Sorry, but I have more self-respect than you apparently do. I'd never work for a one term, or even one year, wonder.