Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Talk About Your Media Bias

Yesterday, my good friend Jay Bullock pointed out how the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is getting pretty dang atrocious with their reporting skills or lack thereof. Jay showed that their article about the judge's ruling on health care was sensationalism and just plain wrong.

I noticed another glaring example of bad journalism in one of their stories that I had linked to in my previous post. The story is about Jeff Stone's unsurprising announcement that his running for county executive. The problematic part is here (emphasis mine):
He joins a crowded field of prospective candidates, but Stone's expected announcement would make him the first current officeholder to officially take the plunge.

Others mulling the race include former Democratic state Rep. Sheldon Wasserman, County Board Chairman Lee Holloway, County Supervisors Marina Dimitrijevic and Johnny Thomas, County Clerk Joe Czarnezki, County Treasurer Dan Diliberti and former County Executive Tom Ament.
Last time I checked, Holloway, Dimitrijevic, Thomas, Czarnezki and Diliberti were all currently in office. Gee, do you think that this "oversight" might have to do with any sort of vested interest in the outcome of the spring elections?

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  1. Although I would agree that the MJS is biased--in a not so subtle way--they do use the qualifier "officially"--Holloway, Thomas and Dimitrijevic I don't think have filed a declaration of candidacy--Czarnezki and Diliberti have thoug.

    I look forward to doing everything I can to make sure Stone has no chance.