Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dale Kooyenga - Prince of Thieves

By Jeff Simpson

Photo courtesy of Wisconsin Media Coop.  

We have written about Dale Kooyenga before, from the time where he was drunk on the Assembly floor to where he thought he knew more than Bernie Sanders!

What happens when you are allowed to get away with ridiculousness with no consequences?  You continually up the ante because you feel invincible.

Kooyenga considerably upped the ante recently and committed a crime.

Dale Kooyenga went to work at the Capitol one day and saw a permitted sign, that he did not like displayed, so he stole it.

State Rep. Dale Kooyenga, a Republican from Brookfield, was caught on Capitol surveillance footage removing the 80-year-old Donald E. Johnson's legally permitted sign in May.
Kooyenga went public with the heist by releasing the police report to the public — but said he only did so because Democrats were "trying to obtain the [same] report and he wanted to get out ahead of them."
For those of you scoring at home, lets summarize.   Dale Kooyenga, the towering pillar of virtue, saw a display in the Capitol he did not like so he stole it.  The Capitol police(paid by the taxpayer), took a look at the video of the theft(paid by the taxpayer), and realized the thief was Dale Kooyenga and did not issue any ticket, arrest or even a slap on the wrist.  Not  only that, they have refused to release the video and told no one of this crime or the perpetrator(, despite the fact that they are  beholden to us.  
Kooyenga, who bills himself as a "proven leader we can trust",  and points out that if you send him money:

Together, we can advance the cause of individual liberty, economic freedom and personal responsibility.
Except we know from his actions, he does not believe in Individual liberty, economic freedom and believes in personal responsibility for everyone but Dale Kooyenga.  We also know from his actions that trust is one thing that we can not do with him.

But wait there is more:

Kooyenga, one of the sponsors of the bill, that punishes students who protest white supremacists on UW Campus.

The bill reads in part: "An institution must strive to ensure the fullest degree of intellectual freedom and free expression. 2. [It] is not the proper role of an institution to shield individuals from speech protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, including ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, disagreeable, or even deeply offensive."

 You can now add hypocrite to untrustworthy, drunk and thief on to Kooyenga's resume.

But wait there is more:   Kooyenga did not commit a crime, he was just looking out for the children.  
“In my view, the sign was inappropriate in several ways and I felt it should not be in plain view of the scores of schoolchildren who were touring the Capitol at that time,” Kooyenga said in a statement. “It was not my intention to cause harm to the owner of the sign and I returned it immediately when I was asked for its return.”"I am sorry I took the sign without permission," the statement continued. "However I am not sorry for trying to uphold appropriate decorum in our State Capitol."
Apparently we should thank Kooyenga for committing theft.   Here is part of the interview he gave to the Chicago Trubune.

The report said the sign was "very critical of President Trump, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, Governor Scott Walker and the GOP in general." Kooyenga said in the telephone interview with AP that the sign called all the Republicans "gropers" and said "Damn All Republicans."
What did the offending sign say that Capt. Kooyenga saved the children from?

Never Forget: Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and many WI republican legislators support a corrupt, treasonous health care wrecking, lying incompetent, unethical, narcissistic, immoral tax and draft-dodging, sadistic, racist and confessed serial groper who thinks nothing about spending millions of taxpayer dollars for his golfing and luxury family vacations and even more billions for a senseless wall, a bogus voter fraud study and excessive military buildup all while cutting taxes for giant corporations, himself, his family and his billionaire buddies at the expense of millions of people on ObamaCare, veterans, veteran's children, education, the elderly, the poor, school lunches, environmental protections, national parks, wildlife, scientific research and so on and We the people be damned!
Now we can add poor reader onto Kooyengas resume.  

Bragging about "grabbing women by the pussy" is ok, calling someone who does it a "groper" needs to be shielded from our children.  

Why all of the hullaballoo about just a sign?  Let us take a walk down memory lane.

In the summer of 2014, Kindergarten teacher April Kay Smith from Germantown, had a couple drinks at the Jefferson County Fair and when walking by the closed GOP tent, pulled a couple Scott Walker signs off of their metal stand.

A woman named Roxane Stillman, saw this happen  and followed Ms. Smith all around the fair(what an amazing citizen she is), yelling for police along the way until an officer finally came over.   Ms. Smith was eventually issued a disorderly conduct ticket(imagine that) and the case should have been closed.  After all, it was just a sign and (previously unreported in the incident report)

"Upon the arrival at the Jefferson County Republican tent, I observed the signs lying on the grass:  some of them were pulled off their metal frames.  Some of the signs looked dented as if they had been stepped on.  I asked April Smith to pick up the signs and together we placed them in a neat pile."   
 Should be the end of the story but for the right wing smear machine.    See once the WISGOP echo chamber got wind of the story, they sent their lapdog Matt Kittle after it and he was relentless in the attack of this public servant.

Kittle, using his platform at Wisconsin Watchdog (which he was fired from because of this kind of bush league "reporting")  had multiple stories of this incident using the words like "Teacher who went on Rampage" , since the are all interchangeable,  this story made Right Wisconsin, right wing hate talkers Charley Sykes, Vicky Mckenna and Mark Belling amongst other Bradley funded mouthpieces.    

It was so relentless that they were able to get Ms. Smith suspended for the whole first semester, drug her name through the mud and eventually forced her to resign her profession and hurt the children of Germantown.     Numerous righties all over Wisconsin, were posting "fire her" notes all over social media, emails to the school and snail mail to the school (for the technologically challenged but still full of hate crew), pressure on someone making $40,000/yr trying to teach a class full of 5 year olds was too much for anyone to handle.....all for taking a couple signs off their metal stand and stepping on them.  

Hopefully, now that MacIver has used their wingnut welfare and hired Kittle, I hope that they have taught him what the word - Rampage - means:
(especially of a large group of people) rush around in a violent and uncontrollable manner.
"several thousand demonstrators rampaged through the city"
synonyms:riot, run riot, go on the rampage, run amok, go berserk; More
a period of violent and uncontrollable behavior, typically involving a large group of people.
"thugs went on a rampage and wrecked a classroom"

Finally, in the  least surprising news of the century.....the number of stories that Kittle has written about Dale Kooyenga stealing the sign from the Capitol - 0! 

The watchdog has now become a puppy dog....at least he is trained!

For your listening pleasure:

PS:  Another story that the Watchdog of Wisconsin has missed - Dale Kooyenga was arrested years ago for beating up a minor.  Apparently the minor did not want to stay at Kooyengas party and smoke pot, and Dale felt he should be heading to a religious retreat.

Truth is stranger than fiction.  

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