Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dana Wachs Leadership Moment

By Jeff Simpson

We pointed out recently, that the Dem Party has not learned any lessons from the last few years of losses.  

Dana Wachs was the worst offender spending almost $40,000 and then hiring Jake Hadju to be his campaign manager.  For those that do not know, Jake Hadju was executive director of the WISDEMS during the election debacles of the last few years, then moved on to run Hillary for Wisconsin campaign.  

Apparently running the campaign that lost Wisconsin for the first time in 32 years (1984) was all the qualification needed to get hired on to run the next campaign.  

However. as in many things, people will show you who they are.   

Jake Hadju, Dana Wachs campaign manager, did just that!

His campaign manager, Jake Hajdu, wrote in an August 23rd memo that Wachs was the only Democratic candidate "that has strong progressive values without the veneer of a Milwaukee elitist or a Madison liberal," and that other current candidates are "exactly like" other failed candidates since 2010.

For those of you scoring at home - While Jake Hadju has been working inside of Democratic politics for years in WI, he views Milwaukee as elitist, uses liberal as a criticism and thinks of Mayor Barrett and School board member Burke as "failed".     

Charlie Sykes could not have said it better himself. 

So now we see what Dana Wachs is made of.   In true Scott Walker fashion, he distanced himself from Hadju.

"I didn't write that memo. It was put out by some members of my team," he said in an interview with FOX6 News. "I think what they're getting at is, we've run folks from Madison and Milwaukee in the past, and they're fine people. Mayor Barrett's a wonderful human being and a great Democrat, as is Mary Burke, but it's time for something different."
If that is what they are getting at, and compared to what Hadju wrote, then he probably should not be writing anymore as he is not even in the same zip code.   

If Dana Wachs is serious about running a campaign that appeals to people in Sawyer County, Milwaukee County, Dane County and Door County he needs to rid himself of these political insiders and high paid consultants and be Dana Wachs.      

As long as Hadju is his campaign manager, this "Madison Liberal"  can not take the Wachs campaign serious.   


  1. More divide and lose by Cog Dis. Just shut up Cog Dis.

  2. So the actual message is ok, the reporting of it isnt? Gotcha

  3. Stop trying to be a purification system for the Dems. You're dividing and losing. Get off your podium of trying to be the grand vetter of qualified Dems. We want a unified front determined by the voters and not some two bit blog. Find the positives - alas that will be hard for you.,

  4. its weird having an opinion on a blog...i should just shut up and send checks its not like they dont knowwhat they are doing.....heck look at their success rate...

    I have never said a thing about Wachs qualifications....i complimented him here but pointed out his poor hiring choices are sinking him.

    I want the best I have said before we arent a branch of the dem party. My goal is to make wi a better place, hopefully that aligns with the dems but far. Too often it doesnt.

    As For the positives its hard when the dems have such a small minority they arent relevant....However i can say Barca quitting as minority leader is fantastic they have a chance to elect a real be happy with Shankland or Brostoff...

    by the way does that unified front include milwaukee elitists and madison liberals???

  5. You,hit this very well, Jeff. Wachs is a good Rep, and seems to be a good candidate, and a couple of Reps that I respect a lot endorsed him immediately.

    But hiring insider LOSERS like Hajdu and Tate is a big red flag. Wachs will have a better chance of living if he dumps those lifers and gets people who actually value change over a paycheck.

    And Barca getting dumped is a good sign that the young Dems are tired of losing and playing nice with this group of Republi-thugs and their corporate puppetmasters