Saturday, September 2, 2017

Nation Consulting Shags NARAL

By Jeff Simpson

It was announced recently that in WI 1st district, NARAL has endorsed Randy Bryce .  It is a fine endorsement to the recently fully pro-choice Bryce,  except of course for the massive conflict of interest.

Bryce's local campaign consultant is Sachin Chheda with Nation Consulting.   As we see from his profile:

Sachin is active in nonprofit leadership, recently completing two terms as Chair of the Board of Directors for NARAL Pro-Choice America. He serves as a member of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors, previously served as an officer of the Wisconsin Coalition of Asian Indian Organizations; and is Chairman Emeritus of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County.

Chheda, fresh off two terms as Chair of the Board, was amazingly able to get his candidate endorsed without so much as an email to Bryce's opponent.  
It sure makes it good for business, when you can guarantee a NARAL endorsement.

Does anyone think that if Cathy had ponied up for Sachin's services that she would have been the one with the endorsement and Randy would have been left out in the cold?  

So much for pro-choice!  It has now become Sachin's choice.

To be clear, Randy is a fine candidate and would make a much better rep than Paul Ryan ever has, but when an organization this visible and this important, they need to make sure they have covered all candidates, and given all candidates a fair shake, before making such an important endorsement.

For those scoring at home, a male political consultant in Milwaukee, uses one of the most important female driven Democratic organizations for his own purposes and pocketbook.  

It really diminishes the organization and their endorsements!

The rest of us in Wisconsin, are collateral damage, to making sure Sachin can use his non profit leadership" to lead people to hiring him and his consulting firm.  

Conflicts of interest are only for the little people!

We wonder why we continually lose elections?


  1. Or it could be that Cathy Myers doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Did Myers even think of contacting NARAL when she jumped into the race?

  2. This is another example of the way the DNC chooses candidates for us. Bryce may be a good candidate, but Myers may be a better representative for Wisconsin 1. In addition to all other planks in her Progressive platform, I especially like her activism in opposition to Enbridge pipelines. Like Bryce, I am absolutely pro-union for workers rights, but I suspect he has been involved in building the very pipelines I oppose.

    1. You would be wrong then. Randy turned down a six figure job working on the pipelines.

      I don't care for the DNC but then they have nothing to do with this race so far. I do not at least one officer from DPW violated ethics by endorsing Myers, making her the party's choice apparently.