Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tammy You Can Do Better!

By Jeff Simpson

I received this email from Tammy Baldwin recently:

Tammy has emailed you. The team has emailed you. I've emailed you.
 Jeff— when we ran the numbers, we saw we needed to raise $50,000 through our email program to stay on track for our FEC goal. And we’re just not there. I really need you to understand just how important this is.
 If you know how important Tammy’s grassroots fundraising is, then please give $5 or more to help us get there!
 We've tried everything, and we're still about $38,700 behind. If we don't speed up our fundraising soon, we will not hit this goal.
 And we absolutely CANNOT afford to miss this. Tammy's under attack. Another opponent jumped into this race. We need this money.
 At the end of the month, the FEC will publish our fundraising numbers and if the corporate special interests and Mitch McConnell’s cronies think we’re weak, we’ll see even more outside spending pour in. And they’ll know we don’t have the money to push back.
 If begging will work, that's what I'll do. That's how important it is to get to $50,000 before the FEC deadline in 5 days. Please, please, please — contribute today.

The Senate is voting on repealing all provisions and protections of  Obamacare, the President is threatening to kill 25 million North Koreans and start a war, the Russian invasion of our election is becoming clearer, Texas and Florida are still recovering from Mother Natures wraith and Puerto Rico may never recover, a group of Trump administration officials were caught using private emails, racism, Misogyny and sexism are boiling over in America and The Donald keeps tweeting like he is a drunk at bar time trying to get even with all the people who bullied him.

Despite all of that, Senator Baldwin emails us an email asking, no begging for money because of some deadline that means nothing at all to anyone but politicians.  Lets remember the election is still over a year away.

Apparently, Ms. Baldwin is falling short of a measly $50,000 and needs you to send your hard earned money ASAP to her for who knows what exactly? 

I get that politicians need money to run and we are a long way from changing that.  I also get that her opponent whoever it is, will be incredibly well funded, so well funded that $50,000 will be peanuts towards competing with the money they will have.

The one thing Tammy always wins at is her message. 

So why is she spending valuable contact time between herself and her Constituents.  on a desperate begging email, that is beneath her?

It is my turn, Tammy, Please, please, please - Stop this ridiculous begging for money.  You are going to be underfunded compared to your opponent, so when you get a chance to connect with voters in the state, BRING US A MESSAGE. 

I know you can do it, I have heard you talk and talked with you personally!  You are one of the bright spots in an otherwise dark Senate.  Instead of sending these ridiculous emails, lets try something new.

Send us positive emails with a message with what the Republican controlled Senate is doing and how things will be different when we switch the control in 2018.   

We found out in the last election, that electioneering is no longer the same.  When America elected The Donald, and Wisconsin re-elected Ron Johnson, all old rules and tricks on how to win elections were thrown out the window. 

I am sure you get a decent response of people who you scared with your email sending you money, but the one question I have for you is -  How many new voters did you convince to vote for you because of that email? 

It is time to be positive, unconventional and informative so you can be re-elected to the Senate again next year!   


  1. Because you are just supposed to KNOW why you should donate money (and vote for her I guess).
    Shame on you if you dont understand this!
    Quite complaining and send the damned money!

  2. Well, what is a poor girl to do? She can't appeal to the overwhelming number of wisconsin sanders supporters because, well, despite the numbers, she backed clinton and irritated them.