Monday, September 4, 2017

Transgender Rights and The GOP

By Jeff Simpson

I know the transgender bathroom issue, has not been in the headlines lately but it is also still alive in the Capitol.

In Texas, the Governor called a special session, to pass a bill discriminating against transgender students and luckily could not get one passed.   He has yet however, to call a special session to deal with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Republican priorities!

In Wisconsin, Rep Jesse Kremer, once he is done making sure no one can protest white supremacists on UW campus's, will bring back his "bathroom bill".

The folks in Kewaskum sure have not advanced much in 6000 years.

Raise your hand if you ever thought that Kentucky would be more progressive and care more about the rights of children than Wisconsin?

A couple quick take-aways to remember when the "bathroom bill" comes back.

1.  The kids DO NOT CARE!
2.  Check out the thick folder of hate mail that he has received from the hard core "conservative christians" in Kentucky!

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