Saturday, September 9, 2017

Scott Walker's Spending Spree

By Jeff Simpson

End of Summer and Back To School allows way to many activities to pay attention to, so let us catch up:

We know the Assembly Democrats have decided to move on from Peter Barca as their leader.    The Governor, who perpetually puts politics over everything, find time from his incredibly busy schedule (sarcasm alert), to let everyone know how much he loves Peter Barca:

Yes Scott Walker, who once rescinded an appointment of a college kid to the Students Board of Regents because he found out that he signed the recall.    Scott Walker is the same Governor, who sent thousands of jobs to Illinois, along with $50 million of our taxpayer dollars before he even took office.

Yes this is the positive vision Scotty Walker:

Nothing more positive about the future than comparing a bunch of teachers, nurses, police, fire, etc... walking around the Capitol to the number one terrorists organization in the world.   Lombardi he isn't!

About those good paying, family supporting jobs.  Now that the legislature has agreed to give them $3 billion dollars to come here, who gets the first (and maybe the only) good paying job from this fiasco?  

Keith Gilkes of course! 

MADISON, Wis. — Any doubt campaign politics is the driving force behind Gov. Scott Walker gambling $3 billion on a subsidy for Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn has been dispelled by the creation of a single job. According to a report from, the lobbying firm hired by Foxconn has brought on Keith Gilkes, Walker’s longtime campaign manager and the head of the Unintimidated PAC that supported his presidential ambitions, to do “public affairs and communications.”

While Gilkes is knee deep in pretty much every walker scandal, including Walker Gate and the John Doe investigation, my favorite story about Gilkes involves the O'Donnell Park tragedy.  At O'Donnell park, on the opening of summerfest, the Milwaukee County infrastructure under Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker, crumbled.  It not only crumbled, but it fell on and killed a teenager, right in front of his parents.  

While the dust was still settling on the crumbled parking structure, Keith Gilkes sprung into action:

Gilkes, in an email written the day of the accident, advised Walker's county staff to "make sure there is not a piece of paper anywhere that details any problem at all." News organizations and lawyers representing victims and others filed numerous open record requests after the O'Donnell Park accident for inspection reports and other documents on its construction.
In the wake of an incredible tragedy, Gilkes did what almost no one else would do.  His first thought was, we need to shield Scott Walker's career from this.  So glad that he found a way to capitalize on our tax dollars some more!

But Wait there is more!

Scott Walker released his budget earlier this year, and in his budget, he forgot to include millions of dollars to upgrade Wisconsin Rapid's Alexander Field Airport, so billionaires can fly their private planes into the airport and golf at the Sand Valley Golf Resort.  

So the owner of the resort, Michael Keiser, donated $25,000 to the Republican Party of WI and another $65,000 to Scott Walker and incredibly coincidentally, $4 million dollars of upgrades to Alexander Field magically appeared in the budget.  

We know that there was absolutely NO quid pro quo on this airport deal because Scott Krug told us so:

Republican state Rep. Scott Krug, who is not on the budget committee but whose legislative district includes the golf course, said the donations don’t have anything to do with the airport project getting funded.
Krug said Keiser’s donations were to support Republicans who were doing good things for the Wisconsin economy, not to win approval of the airport funding.
If you can not believe Scott Krug, who can you believe?

One last note about Foxconn.  When The Governor offered the company that showed profits of $149 Billion dollars last year, $3 Billion dollars of our money to possibly relocate in Wisconsin, he wrote the agreement on a Post It note and signed it like it was actually binding!

We at CogDis are efforting to confirm that, Scott Walker also Pinky swore and said

"Cross my heart (and hope to die), stick a needle in my eye."  


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