Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Deeper Dive Into The Anthem Debate

By Jeff Simpson

Last week, after The Donald called out NFL Players who take a knee during the National Anthem as "Sons of bitches". the NFL players showed unity throughout the league by doing what they felt was best(kneeling, staying in the locker room, locking arms, standing, etc...) to be united during the anthem.

It sparked a national debate where the lines were drawn and people either showed support for their right to peacefully protest while others felt the need to threaten boycotts and change the subject:

The division was not even amongst party lines as the support was bipartisan on both sides.  As we see from this post by "good progressive" and owner of the Reefhouse Brewing Co:

Yes black athletes who decide to use the freedoms this country affords us, are garbage and need to die a horrible death.... There are many people who have tried to turn these protests from racial inequality to an affront on the military and our flag.

In Wisconsin, some of our lawmakers have decided it is a good idea to boycott businesses that you disagree with:

"This day forward I will not support the NFL! Period" - state Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, on Facebook
"Disgusted by the @packers & had it with the @NFL. I was in high school during the 90’s BB strike & never came back. Ready to shut them off.” - state Rep. Jesse Kremer, R-Kewaskum, on Twitter
"Lack of respect for the NFL? What a joke! How about a total lack of respect for the country that gave them the opportunity to go to college and make a great living. I would love to hear your thoughts and see if you will utilize your rights to send a message to the NFL. I for one will be purchasing a lot more Badger attire." - state Rep. Rob Brooks, R-Saukville, on Facebook
"As a Veteran, and one who cherishes our history, and our flag, and our anthem....with respect and pride because of those who died to make sure our flag did not fall and that we did not fall to the British...otherwise who knows what life and freedom would be like today. Thank you to these brave Patriots..." - state Rep. John Spiros, R-Marshfield, on Facebook
Since the WISGOP approved of boycotting those you disagree with, here is a list of Scott Walker;s biggest supporters!  Granted, most of them are from out of state, here is a better list for local businesses to boycott.    Also, here is a list of Van Wanggaard's  contributors and Jesse Kremer's.   I am sure their contributors would love to know that you will not be patronizing their businesses anymore and why!

Here is my take:

There are many ways to dishonor our country and the flag, like displaying a confederate flag, or asking Russia for help in an election, or hiding millions in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes, or praising white supremacists, or suppressing the ability of people to vote, or arresting people for singing in a public building, or allowing big money to control our elections, or taking healthcare away from millions of our citizens, or making fun of people with disabilities, or building a wall to keep people who do not look like us out......etc....
However I do not think anything has disrespected the flag and our country more than this. ANyone who served in Vietnam went through hell and POWs even more so..... To be denigrated by this by a privileged white boy who used his daddys money to get out of the nightmare is unbelievable.
Let's get outraged over the right things please:

'Nuff Said!

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