Thursday, September 14, 2017

Right Wisconsin Throws Stones

By Jeff Simpson 

John 8:7 7When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her."

That did not stop Jimmy Wigderson over at RightWisconsin from standing in front of his glass house and throwing stones.  The Right Wing is up in arms that Gordon Hintz is in line for the Assembly minority leader position.  

Despite the character flaws of both major party candidates for president in 2016, character should matter when a political party chooses a leader. By choosing Hintz, the Assembly Democrats are also choosing to ignore their own stated principles as well as expected standards of conduct of elected officials.
If the Democratic Party will not hold its own accountable, then that responsibility falls to the Republican Party. It is not a failure of the two-party system to hold the Democrats accountable for the bad choices in leadership they make, but a responsibility of serious elected representatives to hold the leadership of both parties to a higher standard.
If Hintz’s constituents lack the judgment to choose good representation, that does not excuse the Democrats from their obligation to choose good leaders, nor does it excuse Republicans like Steineke from holding the Democrats accountable for their choices.

Wigderson, in one of his more memorable columns, wrote this a couple years ago when Wild Bill Kramer was elected majority leader, a short time before he was sent to prison:

Kramer’s style may not endear him to Madison liberals; it does represent the conservative nature of Waukesha County. As majority leader, Kramer can lend some much-needed spine to Republican leadership who are hoping to coast through the next elections without offending anyone.
If Kramer wins, it will be good for Waukesha as well. Being represented by legislators in leadership is good for a community.

The of course the good reporter that Wiggy is, he leaves out a big chunk of information regarding Steineke, the Republican "leader" has had a few hiccups on behavior in his prior life also.

 It is interesting that Wiggy expects more from the Democratic Party than the WISGOP.  

And we can not forget this:

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