Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Green Bay Packers Need To Sign Colin Kaepernick

Most people who follow football and/or live in Wisconsin know that Green Bay Packers star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, went out in the first half of the game against the Minnesota Vikings with a broken right collar bone.  Rodgers will be most likely out for the rest of the season due to the injury being to his throwing arm.

His backup, Brett Hundley, quickly proved himself to be more like Jay Cutler than Brett Favre.  Without doubt, Hundley will only get better with a better game plan and more practice during the week.  The question is whether the Packers can wait for Hundley to improve without forfeiting the season.  

The only alternative to taking this high risk gamble is to sign a new quarterback. The best choice of available players would be former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The reasons to sign Kaepernick are plentiful.

Kaepernick is a Wisconsin native, being born in Milwaukee, then living in Fond du Lac until he was for when his family moved to California.  Local players are always a big hit with the fans.

Kaepernick has the experience that the Packers need right now. Oh sure, his last couple of years with San Fran were less than stellar, but Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers had off years too. Kaepernick has been to to the Superbowl, which they lost by a mere field goal.

Kaepernick would also be a good fit for the overall philosophy and the state. (Sorry, wingnuts, but just because the dark money groups bought some elections doesn't mean that the state suddenly turned red.)

The only possible downside to signing Kaepernick would be the controversy about Kaepernick being uppity and protesting against the racism inherent in today's society, especially with the epidemic of police brutality and killing of young black men.  That's an affront to the delicate sensitivities of white supremacists across the country.  

But so what?  Let the relative handful of these wannabe Nazis clutch their pearls and swoon backwards upon their fainting couches.  Despite what the King of Fake News, Donald Trump, has to say, NFL rankings aren't down all that much, if at all.  And the decline, what there is of it, started a long time before Kaepernick even played his first NFL game.

Sidenote: Did you ever notice that white supremacists are the definition of why they are not superior to anything, including slug slime?

Oh, and one more reason to sign Kaepernick - we already know he looks good in the green and gold:


  1. Don't know if Kap is needed, although he's probably the best veteran QB that is unsigned, and they do need a vet to back up Hundley and be ready if Hundley doesn't work out.

    But it would be fun to see the heads explode on Packer affiliate AM radio stations if they did sign Kaepernick. And I'd love to see dumb white people sell off their Packer tix- there are a whole lot of Wisconsinites that would gladly replace them. And it would improve the fan base immediately.

  2. I would love to see Colin on the team. Many other fellow GB owners feel the same. Democracy ftw

  3. What a great article. I'm not sure of the Packer's backup quarterbacks, but I'd love the Packers give the idea a serious, clear head consideration. Personally, I'd love it just for the bravery of the thing.