Friday, October 13, 2017

The The Three Stooges Of Wisconsin

By Jeff Simpson

H/T James Rowen @Political Environment:

The House approved a bill helping fellow Americans out in dire times of need:

 The House, dismissing concern for the rising cost, approved a $36.5 billion aid package on Thursday that would provide hurricane and wildfire relief funding while bailing out the financially troubled National Flood Insurance Program.
The aid package would also help Puerto Rico’s financially beleaguered government avoid running out of cash in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Conditions there remain dire, with most of the island still without power three weeks after the storm hit.
The House approved the bill 353 to 69, with all of the no votes coming from Republicans.

69 No Votes and we personally know 3 of them.

The first is NO  Vote is Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, who tweeted this out not that long ago. 

Thanks to the , the volunteers & for the amazing outpouring of support for those impacted by

The second No Vote from WI is Congressman Sean Duffy , fresh off a win by the SCOTUS allowing Congress to pray before their session starts, proudly voted no on natural disaster relief.

  Oct 11More.: "Congressman Sean Duffy Supports Assistance and Accountability for "

The third Wisconsin NO Vote was Rep. Mike Gallagher.  I have no "Thoughts and prayers" tweet to link to because apparently he didn't send anyone thoughts or prayers.   

Is someone who is not scared to spend money on anything but helping fellow Americans the people we want representing us in Congress? 

We can make up for our mistakes next November! 


  1. You mean to say that Grothman voted YES?
    Im totally amazed at that!

  2. yes he did, maybe he is truly worried about his reelection

  3. Grothman must be crapping bricks! I hope he gets voted out!