Monday, October 23, 2017

Wisconsin Radical Right Wing Rogue Republicans!

By Jeff Simpson

By now, anyone who follows Wisconsin politics at all knows that Assembly Leader(term used loosely), Robin Vos (R-Adulterer) called three of his fellow Republicans(Steve nASS, Duey Stroebel and Chris Kapenga) - terrorists:

State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is still angry with last month's rocky resolution to the state budget debate, calling three Republican senators who struck a deal with Gov. Scott Walker to support the budget "terrorists."
"That's what they are," Vos said in a WISN-TV interview that aired Sunday morning. "You don't hold somebody hostage for your own personal needs."
Vos also said the budget might not have passed had the last-minute deal, which called for Walker to use his line-item veto authority to strip out parts of the budget, been public before lawmakers voted on it.
"Only three people made a backroom deal to be able to have something that could not be announced before the budget was enacted," Vos said. "Maybe the budget would've failed if we'd known some of those aspects were going to be vetoed, but we never had the chance to know."
Vos was addressing Sens. Chris Kapenga, Steve Nass and Duey Stroebel, three hard-line conservative GOP senators who withheld support for the budget until hours before the state Senate passed it last month. The two-year state budget was passed more than 10 weeks after the deadline, the longest such delay in a decade.
It is nice that all of the time Robin has been in Government, he finally speaks the truth but what he really meant to say was  - he was against illegal, secretive backroom deals that he was not involved in.   Vos complaining about transparency in government is like The Donald complaining about the poor treatment of women! 

As expected, the GOP turned into precious snowflakes who could not handle any criticism.  First Wiggy, in a cowardly unsigned post at Right Wisconsin really let Vos have it. 

It appeared to be premeditated slander. Vos repeated the charge of terrorism when challenged and had a ready (if outrageous) defense of it.
These three senators, Chris Kapenga of Delafield, Duey Stroebel of Saukville and Steve Nass of Whitewater, are all former members of the state Assembly, all former colleagues of Vos. Far from being a “terrorist,” Nass served in the Wisconsin Air National Guard for 33 years. Kapenga and Stroebel are businessmen and leaders in their communities. All three deserve more respect from Vos than being called terrorists.
 Premeditated slander is some serious stuff, no wonder Jimmy did not sign his name!   The problem of course is it is not slander when its a public official.    But I digress.... 

Apparently, WIggy thinks if you serve in the military you can not be a terrorist!  He never was one for research.

But Wait there is more:

Duey is hopping mad:

Brave men and women in uniform combat terrorists everyday. Terrorists use violence in an effort to destroy our American way-of-life.  To imply fellow Republican legislators are terrorists is the type of hyperbolic rhetoric Wisconsinites are tired of hearing. Wisconsinites expect more of their leaders than to make these kind of personal attacks.
Steve nASS was also upset, and wanted to let everyone know he was in the National Guard:

The senators didn't take kindly to the comments. One of them — Sen. Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) — noted that he had served in the Wisconsin Air National Guard.
"It is beyond outrageous for anyone, especially a person serving as speaker of the Wisconsin state Assembly, to label as a ‘terrorist’ another person for simple public policy disagreements," Nass said in a statement. "Worse yet, when given the opportunity in the interview to retract or recalibrate such a reprehensible statement, Speaker Vos firmly reiterated it."

Then the kicker came out....sit down for this one.  Scott Walker (well one of his spokesmen, he was too busy letting African American Athletes know how they should protest to be bothered with Vos) had to weigh in.

I have not heard this kind of outrage from the WISGOP since the last time someone compared a bunch of teachers, police, firemen, public servants, men woman and children Wisconsinites to ISIS: 

 O wait.....nevermind there was no outrage (or apology) then.   Hmmmmm curious!   

PS:  After The Koch Bros Org - AFP demanded an apology, and Scott Fitzgerald put his "leadership" counter part over his knee and spanked him - Robin Vos finally apologized (NO, not for breaking up his marriage, or breaking up Michelle Litjens marriage, or helping shield predator Bill Kramer from punishment, or for illegally and unethically spending millions to gerrymander our state or the attacks on education in Wisconsin, or the attacks on free speech, or... you get the idea) for calling the far right loons in the state terrorists.   

MADISON - The leader of the state Assembly apologized Monday for calling fellow Republican senators "terrorists" after they held up the state budget with veto demands. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) issued the apology after a chorus of criticism from other GOP leaders, but his statement continued to refer to the conservative senators as "rogue holdouts."

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