Sunday, October 22, 2017

Clarke: All Hat, No Cattle, And An Abundance Of Manure

When he was Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke wasn't very good at his job. There were at least six deaths at his jail in just over a year. He pulled almost all of his deputies off of highway patrol. Instead of doing his job, Clarke spent most of his time traveling the country - and to Russia - to give paid speeches and to stump for Trump.

Having an approval rating in the 30s and facing almost certain defeat in next year's election, Clarke suddenly resigned to take a job in Trump's cabinet. But this quickly got shut down by General John Kelly, Trump's chief of staff. So Clarke ended up being a special consultant to Trump's PAC. There's no knowing if he's actually doing any consultation work, since he is still extremely busy making an ass out of himself on Twitter.

For example, when Congress woman Fredrica Wilson started calling out Trump for disrespecting the grieving family of a fallen soldier, Clarke jumped into action:
Hmm, that doesn't explain all the other people calling Trump out. Unless Clarke thinks that Senator John McCain and former President George Bush are black congresswomen.

Clarke's defense of his master turns into comic relief a few days later when Clarke killed irony with one tweet:
Yes, this is coming from a guy who wears an ill-fitting cowboy hat himself and a chestful of fake medals. At least Rep. Wilson has a reason to wear her hats. Clarke's only reason is that he's trying to be more like a white conservative.

If you thought that was the ultimate faux pas, you would be wrong. There's more. There's always more.

Clarke topped off the week with this doozy of a tweet, which I decided to screencap before he deletes and/or changes it:

Surely, the gentle reader will recognize that the picture of a crying Obama was from when Obama was discussing the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, where 20 children and six teachers were gunned down in cold blood.

To make things worse, this isn't the first time Clarke has used that picture and exploited these deaths for a cheap political shot. In 2016, Clarke used the same picture to claim that black voters were rejecting Obama to vote for Trump:

That is definitely the signs of a sick, twisted mind.

This shameless exploitation of such a tragedy makes his typo seem trivial, when he says that Trump has the "metal" instead of mettle.

On second thought, maybe Clarke is just a graduate of the Trump University School of Tweeting.

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