Thursday, October 5, 2017

Scott Walker - AMATEUR

By Jeff Simpson

Christmas has arrived early for the good people of WI.  Scott Walker is giving us the opportunity, for a small price of $150.00 to buy a copy of his book and a cheesehead, and both are personally signed!

To quote the old credit card commercials:

The cost of a hardcover ghostwritten book about who Scott Walker wishes he was - $.10 Cents

A genuine cheesehead hat - $21.95

Cost for a public official to autograph his ghostwritten book:  $122.00

The fact that a Governor of the great State of WI, one who sent this advertisement out, the same guy who told us that God personally told him to run for President of the United States, who thinks he can run a budget as big as Wisconsin, actually filled social media with this today:

He actually spelled the title of HIS BOOK wrong!   You can not make this stuff up. 

If that does not show us the importance of education and not dropping out of school early what does?
The next thing we know,  Scott Walker will be trying to give away 3 billion dollars of Wisconsin taxpayer money, using a post it note as a contract.

Nah!  Even he is not that much of an amateur!  


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