Friday, February 25, 2011

MJS: Too Little, Too Late

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Editorial Board decides to tackle Scott Walker's Kochgate in Friday's editorial.  It is a rarity indeed as that they actually call their hero out on his despicable behavior, or to be more accurate, almost criticizes him:
"Koch" at one point said he thought about "planting some troublemakers" in the massive crowds protesting Walker's bill. Walker demurred - but not because that would be wrong, a modern version of a Nixon dirty trick. "We thought about that," Walker said. He declined the offer because the "ruckus" might put pressure on him to give in . 
As the call wound down, "Koch" suggested he'd jet Walker off to California "and really show you a good time." 
"All right," the governor said. "That would be outstanding."
Actually, it would be unethical. 
And then Walker signed off with a breezy, "Thanks a million!" 
Which, unfortunately, may have been the most revealing statement of all.
Wow some might cheer them on for confronting Walker's boorish behavior, I would think it's more of a case of too little, too late.

Don't forget that the paper has been carrying Walker's water around for him for years now. As county executive, every time something when wrong the paper would help make excuses for him.

 It culminated last fall when they endorsed him to be governor, saying he was tough and had the right kind of experience.  They supported his attack on public sector workers.  Not just once, but twice.  They supported his attack on the Democratic Senators that did the only thing left to them to give the people a chance to see what was in this atrocity and organize to stop it.

It was ignorant stances like these and their shoddy reporting that led me to the decision to stop subscribing to that rag.  Ironically, one of their young representatives called me earlier in the evening asking why I stopped taking the paper and if they could somehow convince me to come back.

I told the young lady that the paper already wasn't worth what I was paying for, and that the price hike they want it clinched that it wasn't.  I also told her that the quality was substandard and not worth any price.

And that was before I saw the editorial.  I would have told her that they are also plagiarists, having stolen from what I wrote the night before and using it as the last two lines of their oped piece..

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  1. So sad. I'm old enough to remember when the Milwaukee Journal was one of the better papers in the country -- something that seems inconceivable now.