Friday, February 4, 2011

Wisconsinites Are A Tough Breed

We Wisconsinites are a tough breed.  We can take a massive snow storm and shake it off in less time than almost any other part of the country.

Take, for example, the case of Joe Latta.  Mr. Latta, a retired autoworker in Janesville, kept to his morning routine of going out early in the morning to check on the mail and papers, even though a blizzard was raging.

Mr. Latta, who fell into a snowbank at the end of his driveway had things made worse when a plow came by and buried him under two feet of snow.

It wasn't until four hours later when a neighbor noticed something odd at the end of the driveway, which happened to be Mr. Latta's gloved hand poking through the snow.  She called another neighbor who dug him out.

And yes, anyone that can survive that deserves to be called Mister.

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