Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scott Walker's Wisconsin - One Only He Can Believe In

It's amazing that the fact that Scott Walker is willing to misuse the National Guard to enforce his tyrannical ways isn't gaining more attention. Yet.


  1. You mean, his opposition to the tyrannical ways of public unions that force membership, dues and suck tax payer money out of state until it is broke? Polling shows over 65% of the country on his side (as they were in Jersey, and are in Ohio) but hey, claim no one is behind it but him all you want. As to the poster, they had a chance to work with legislators for years now. Check out Joe Kleins article in TIME.. you can read that even liberal pundits are recognizing the damage done by public unions. Oh, and its not solidarity when its 98,000 union members against the other 5.3 million taxpayers.

  2. Walker is trying to be the tyrant, sad to say.

    Oh, and the polls for Wisconsin, the state in question, shows him to be losing the argument greatly. By pursuing this despotic action, he is actually working against the people's wishes, which is normal for him.

    And by the way, he barely got 52% of the vote, and that is in no way 5.3 million people.