Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So What Happens Now?

Folklore says that on Groundhog's Day, when the groundhog comes out of it's borrow, if it is cloudy and the groundhog doesn't see its shadow, it means that spring will come early.  However, if the groundhog does see its shadow, it means that spring won't come until late.

The question is: What happens to us now in Wisconsin, when the groundhog can't even get out of its burrow due to the blizzard?  Does that mean it can't see it's shadow, so an early spring is coming? Or does it mean that, since it couldn't even leave the burrow, that we are in an eternal winter?

And how can a Wisconsin groundhog, named Wynter at that, be such a wimp?


  1. I think it all just means we are doomed to a long and paralyzing winter.

    (Or maybe I'm just cranky after getting back in from shoveling).

  2. It means the end of global warming? (if it ever existed)
    Good luck shoveling.

  3. I think it means:

    Sex, a lot of fun, happy, sex for all you Wisconsin peeps!!!