Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Another Overpaid, Underworked, Lazy Gubmint Employee

RIP Jayme Biendl.

Ms. Biendl was a correction officer at the Monroe Correctional Complex in the state of Washington.  She was put in an unsafe situation, being the sole guard in the prison chapel.  Despite her expression of fear for her safety and protests from the unions, they continued with this practice, to save money.

Now Biendl is dead, at the hands of a convict who was trying to escape from the prison.

It is needless tragedies like this that really tick me off.  Because some group of wing nuts think that public sector employees shouldn't be treated with the respect that they show their dogs, they are put in dangerous positions in jobs that the same wingers wouldn't do in a million years.

To make matters worse, the wingers never seem to be able to put two and two together.  Or if they do, they would never admit it.  And then they wonder why the country is going to hell.


  1. Shouldn't the blame for this senseless murder be placed squarely at the hands of the union? After all she was the one who complained to the union and by all the accounts I have read, union leadership did nothing.

    They (And by they I am referring to the union) could have reassigned her to another part of the prison...Could they not?

  2. Wow, that was quite an intellectual contortion. Well done.

    The article cited in the post reports that the unions have been fighting about this and other safety issues. Furthermore, the unions don't assigns posts. The jail administration does that.

    Sorry, but it is pure Walkeresque, TEA Party type mentality that caused this needless and utterly preventable tragedy.

  3. Umm, no, this has nothing to do about Walker, but if you must, Walker would be pro prison and pro prison employee. A conservative believes in tougher laws and more people in jail unlike liberals who like the opposite.
    I don't think Walker will pull a Doyle and let a bunch of thugs out of prison early.
    And no, conservatives don't believe all government employees are bad. They look favorably on public safety employees, as long as there is not an excess.
    So, again, capper, you try and politize a death of a person. Do you have any shame, especially when you bring forth false accusations?

  4. Dan, you poor deluded fool...

    As a state leggie, Walker proposed privatizing the state's entire correctional system. Given the riots, lawsuits and other chaos that have occurred in other states that have privatized their system, it is extremely fortunate Walker was stopped. Even then, he tried it again as county exec, when he actually hired an official from CCA to work at HOC and get ready to take it over.

    As county executive, he closed down five dorms at the House of Correction, releasing over 300 inmates before their time was up.

    And for your third lie, just look at the recent video of the right's esteemed bully, Gov. Christie as he berates one of New Jersey's finest. The cop's only sin was wanting a living wage.

    If you're going to accuse someone of falsehoods, you really shouldn't base your argument on easily disproved lies.