Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keep Your Rally Caps On, My Brothers And Sisters

This just in from AFSCME:

In the past two days we have had tens of thousands of public employees come to Madison to fight against the budget repair bill which aims to destroy our rights. Join us tomorrow, Thursday the 17th or Friday the 18th to Rally in the Capitol!!! We will be holding rallies in Madison for the next two days to fight this radical legislation which will strip away the rights of workers. Teachers, janitors, firefighters, equipment operators, steelworkers and independent citizens of all types have come together to say, “Enough is enough!” Join us to fight back! 
You can take a bus from your home city to meet us at Madison.  Buses will run according to this schedule:  
Want to drive?

You can park at the East Town Mall in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods and take the shuttle! Join us to keep up this historical rally running 48 hours strong to defeat Scott Walker’s anti-jobs legislation aimed at public employees. Let’s keep it going for another 48! 

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