Friday, July 25, 2008

Brave American Defends American Lawn From Illegal Immigrant Lawnmower

JSOnline reports on a story of some schmuck who in a fit of drunken and/or hungover rage, shot his lawnmower with a shotgun.

Again, like the story yesterday, it raises more questions than it answers:
  1. Did he think the lawnmower was an illegal alien because it said Lawn-boy on it?
  2. What would he have done if it said Toro?
  3. Why couldn't I find one right wing blogger that called the guy a thug for shooting an unarmed lawnmower in a quiet neighborhood?
  4. Does Owen Robinson really think that a guy that has been drinking all morning, lives with his mother when he is 57 years old, and shoots a lawnmower that he couldn't start should have any guns in the house?
  5. Wouldn't using some starting fluid have been more practical than a sawed-off shotgun?


  1. Is this booze related insanity week here at cognitive dissidence?