Tuesday, July 8, 2008

You Can't Come Around Here No More

Apparently there is an old law in the Wisconsin State Statutes that prohibits people from going to another state to get married, if that marriage would not be recognized by Wisconsin law. If people enter that marriage, upon their return they could be subject to a fine up to $10,000 and nine months in jail.

Obviously, this would put a damper on the plans on any homosexual couples that would want to go to California, get married, and return to Wisconsin.

Julianne Appling, homophobe extraordinaire, is just fine with that. She feels the law should be enforced. And I thought they said that the Gay Marriage Amendment wouldn't have these sorts of problems attached. Heh, go figure.

Emily Mills and Illy-T have more on the issue at their respective sites.

I am just wondering if there was some sort of miscommunication. Perhaps, Ms. Appling didn't mean that they should be arrested, but that it was a case of arrested development. Either way, she is still wrong:


  1. I'm not for prosecuting them, but in no way should the 'marriage' be recognized.

  2. Be careful, Bill, someone might call you a radical. :)

    Actually that would be an acceptable response from a conservative. I don't see why homosexuals can't have equal rights.