Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bush Derangement Syndrome Projection

Often, when a liberal makes a point that is less than complementary about George W. Bush, they off-handedly dismiss it as merely being Bush Derangement Syndrome. I understand the popular meaning of it, and realize I wouldn't be able to change that, even if I cared.

But it is interesting to take a few moments to ponder what it means. Usually, in medicine, when a disease has a person's name attributed to it, it usually is because they were the first person diagnosed with it, or they were the ones to discover it.

I highly doubt that Bush has a degree in psychology, much less a medical degree. So I would really find it suspicious if one were to assert that Bush discovered this "disorder."

That would leave it as being Bush who has a certain and specified type of derangement. This I find highly plausible. Not many people, that I am aware of, would normally consider it OK to attack a third party if one was angry with someone completely unrelated. And that's just one example. The possibilities are almost limitless.

So then, the question is, if Bush Derangement Syndrome is to be deranged like Bush, and the right wing uses it to describe lefties pointing out the derangement of Bush, would that just meant that the right, who share the same type of thinking patterns of Bush, are merely using the psychological defense mechanism known as projection?

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  1. BDS as a projection??!! Yes! For myself, I'll cop to BDS. As long as I can define it.