Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why This? Why Now?

A year ago today, Jay Bullock made a terrible error for which the rest of the Cheddarsphere will never forgive him.

He asked me to join his posse of writers at folkbum's rambles and rants.

Four weeks later, a blogger known only as Template exasperated the problem by giving me the key to Whallah!

In what seemed like no time, Template decided to pursue other activities and handed me the reins to Whallah!, which eventually led me to being crowned King of the Left Hate. Ah, but those were heady times!

Alas, as happens in so many of our lives though, things changed. I had changes in both my personal and my professional lives. I found time to become an even more precious commodity than ever before. I found that in trying to keep up with everything, and trying to blog on both sites became too much and was starting to affect my writing (not that anyone would notice crappy writing becoming crappier). I was also just not getting enough sleep, which only made matter worse.

After much inner debate, and driving my friends crazy from constantly asking for feedback, I decided to go off on my own. I'll still post at Whallah! when it is germane to that site, and at folkbum's when I want readers besides myself.

But until then, thanks for checking it out anyway.


  1. I like the color scheme. You can't go wrong with green and gold in this state.

  2. Excellent title! You are hereby bookmarked.

  3. I think I just saw Jay Bullock at Summerfest playing a very violent videogame titled Animal House II: Revenge of the Folksingers.

  4. What's worse, the happy folk singers or the mad ones?

  5. that darn folk-fool *still* owes me a beer. How I will ever get it from him, I do not know. But some day, some day, it _will_ be mine......

  6. 'Bout time ya slacker! Best wishes my friend!

  7. Thank you, my friends.

    Tom, that wasn't Animal House II. Jay was playing Pete Seeger's House of Horror: The Ukelele's Revenge.

  8. Oh, great! Another good blog that I won't time to read! Consider yourself linked, my friend.