Saturday, July 26, 2008

The UnderLying Issue

Alberta Darling must be really feeling the pressure from Sheldon Wasserman's campaign. She is starting to flail around in her attacks on him, but is only making herself look even sillier.

All Politics, the political blog at JSOnline, has a recap of the dueling press releases that have been most recent in the battle of who would work harder for the district.

Wasserman's campaign issued a press release included this paragraph about his progress in getting out and talking to people:
Wasserman, who knocked on 735 doors last week, has visited over 18,500 homes. “My opponent likes to tell people she is ‘out knocking on doors.’ But the voters know the difference between riding in a car watching staff drop off taxpayer-funded road maps that people did not even ask for and actually knocking on doors and talking to people,” added Wasserman. “I run my campaign like I run my Assembly office, with a strong focus on personal service and fiscal responsibility.”

This got Alberta all in a tizzy, and she fired back with her own press release, which includes these paragraphs:
“I take great offense to Sheldon Wasserman’s false accusation that I am not actually knocking on voters’ doors, and his continued insinuation that I am too sick to run for office and restricted to campaigning from a car.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m physically fit and in very good health despite what Sheldon Wasserman would lead people to believe. I knock on hundreds of doors every week. My campaign helpers can all attest to this fact, the thousands of voters’ whose doors I’ve knocked on can attest to this fact, and even numerous Assembly candidates whom I’ve run into while doing doors can attest to this fact.

There are a couple items that should concern voters in those few lines.

One is he never said anything, at any time, about her illness. In fact, Darling has said so herself. She is quoted in this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel pointing out that she has no proof that he had anything to do with this:
Darling said she has no proof that Wasserman or Decker spread rumors about her health. And both Democrats on Thursday denied making any statements on the subject.

So, in one instance, she says that she has no proof that he made these statements, then she accuses him of making them, when there is in fact not one word about her health in his press release. That, folks, is called lying. I personally have no doubt that she is healthy enough to do the door to door canvassing, if she wanted. The problem is she would rather not.

Furthermore, Wasserman never said that she wasn't knocking on doors. I've already shown the gentle reader that Darling herself, said that she and her staff have been knocking on doors. This means obviously, she's not doing them all by herself. Heck, even a right wing blogger sells her out and talks about how he's been doing doors for her. And please note, Darling doesn't release the numbers that she's done by herself, probably because they would look so very pathetic next to Wasserman's.

But all that is is another example of Darling's lying to the voters, trying to make herself look like she is working for them, instead of working on her golf swing. But if she keeps having rounds like these, she'll be able to have plenty of rounds on the golf course next year, since she won't have anything else to do.

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