Monday, July 28, 2008

Nope, No Racism Going On Anymore

When Senator Barack Obama became the presumptive Democratic candidate earlier this year, many of the local right wing pundits and bloggers declared that to be the end of racism.

What a load of garbage they are spewing.

If anything racism is coming more and more prevalent as Obama gets closer to a victory in the fall. We have seen it from the likes of local media squawkers like Mark Belling to insulting t-shirts. Other Side has a post showing that racism is alive and well on Faux News, which is anything but fair and balanced.

There's the multiple references to Obama as the "Chocolate Jesus." Some racists are at least not as blatant about their feelings, and try to use different code words for their hatred.

We've also seen Michelle Obama being constantly attacked, portraying her as a terrorist, or Fox News' infamous Obama Baby Mama piece.

Today, we've seen that a South Carolina judge has been indefinitely kicked off the bench for making crude racial remarks.

Obviously, not all conservatives, or all people that oppose Obama are racists. But for anyone to deny that there is blatant racism going on, or that things are getting worse as we get nearer the election, well, they're either liars or are racists themselves and just don't have the insight to be honest about it.


  1. The "it" is crime.

    I will not have my words misrepresented.

    I demand a retraction to your reference, or remove your link to my post.

    I don't care about your beef with other posters at BadgerBlogger, but don't drag me into this. I will not be lumped into your category of "racists". You know nothing about me.

    Furthermore, crime at Bradford Beach has nothing to do with Barack Obama. It's that simple.

  2. First of all, Bruce, you make too many presumptions.

    I have no beef with any posters at Badger Blogger, at least no more than any other liberal would.

    I was not necessarily referencing your post as much as the comments. An objective viewer would have to admit that the comment threads at BB have shown an increase in racist overtones, and not just on this specific post.
    Just for an example (look at these comments, and if I'm not mistaken, the comments regarding the FEMA handouts were quite unmistakeable.

    Thirdly, the racism is a tangible thing. A racist (again not referring to any specific person here) doesn't feel their hatred just towards Obama, or just towards a group of people in a specific region. It is spread throughout their lives.

  3. If you had a grievance with a specific comment, a better choice would have been to offer a specific link to that comment.

    I will not be lumped into this grouping of what you perceive to be "racism."

    Tell me again: What does a well-documented crime problem at Bradford Beach in recent years have to do with Barack Obama?

    Oh, that's right... nothing. You sought out a link at BadgerBlogger to make your "point", and that remarkable stretch is the best you were able to do.

    Keep reaching.