Monday, July 21, 2008

Slicing Through The Clutter

So while I was having "computer problems", all of the right wing squawkers were blabbering about how, at some golfing event, state Senator Alberta Darling drove a ball further than state Representative Sheldon Wasserman. Sykes was jeering Wasserman on how he "got beat by a girl." The right wing blog brigade also chimed in with one local blogger showing the tact of describing Wasserman as "wussy."

Apparently, they felt this was some sort of vindication of when someone said that Darling was still too sick from breast cancer. The right has tried to pin the allegation of being the rumor monger on Wasserman, even though Darling herself, casting wildly about, admitted that she has no proof of who said what.

But the question about the golfing event remains: So what?

Basing one's vote on who can drive a golf ball farther makes as little sense as basing one's vote on who you would most like to have a beer with. And we all know how well that turned out.

That Darling beat Wasserman only shows me that while her staff was doing her work for her, she was out playing golf, either at one of her fundraisers, named the Senator Darling Annual Golf Classic, or as Recess Supervisor put it in this comment thread:
Darling’s certainly well enough to bail on her Senate duties consistently to play golf in Florida, so surely she’s well enough to do doors.

Personally, I would rather have someone who is spending time doing their job and listening to the voters, than hoping their staff is on the ball while she is hitting one.

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