Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chicken Little Walker And The County Board

I did not get a chance to attend the County Board's Finance and Audit Committee which was held today. I do not know what the end results of the meeting were, but I do know that it went well into the evening (they wouldn't have been able to if Walker had already imposed his worthless building schedule).

But I have heard some reports from a handful of different sources, all independent of the others. All the reports are similar enough to be quite believable.

But there have been some interesting things learned today, which I will most definitely be reporting on at a later date.

But there are two main points I wanted to make this evening.

One, Walker has declared a state of emergency due to the "financial crisis" that County is allegedly facing. Walker is reporting the County could be looking at a $15 million dollar deficit, out of a $1.4 billion budget, and so now wants the union to give up 12.5% of its pay, from the members he isn't going to lay off, our legal rights, etc., etc., etc.

I would love to hear how Mr. Walker can justify calling a projected 1% deficit a fiscal crisis.

Especially when that supposed deficit is artificially constructed.

I also want to thank and congratulate the County Board for recognizing the peril that Mr. Walker has put the County, and their constituents in, due to Walker's reckless disregard for reality in his myopic and ideological pursuit of the governorship, and for trying to at least minimize the damage he is causing.

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