Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Executhug's Reign Of Terror Continues

We have already seen the beginnings of the Milwaukee County Executhug's reign of terror when his top hit man, No Snitch Nardelli, issued a stern warning to the department heads and others that they will be pink slipped if they alert the media or anyone else to Walker's misdeeds.

This was followed by a series of draconian moves to keep the citizens in line, as well as an attempted coup de county.

Now there is more.

In a press release (pdf) from Supervisor Marina Demitrijevic, she argues against Walker's plan to close the indoor swimming pools. But there is a key paragraph that further demonstrates what kind of leader Walker really is (emphasis mine):
On another note, five senior citizens mentioned to me that when they called your office to discuss this matter they were treated very rudely by your staff. I find that unacceptable and was very disappointed to hear that, as I know that your staff normally deals with constituents in a professional matter. One woman said that your staff was very argumentative and even said, "the lady asked me if I had any alternative cost-saving solutions." Now I know you agree that it is our job to work together to provide the best services we can to county residents, as we debate our county budget for almost two months every year. It is not up to them, that is why they elected us and put their trust in us to make the best public policy decisions.
Nice. Verbally abusing senior citizens and demanding that they do his job of balancing a budget.

What's next, doing a protection racket on little kids and their lemonade stands?


  1. I'm curious...was the closure of the indoor pools Walker's idea?? I'm asking because he was just on the news blaming the Park's Dept. for the idea.

  2. Shut up! He wasn't doing THAT again, was he? What channel?

  3. CBS 58...channel 5 here in SM.