Monday, June 29, 2009

What A Ringing Endorsement!

After weeks of Team Walker hyping the thrice-married adulterer and corrupt Newt Gingrich was coming to Milwaukee to speak at a fund raiser for Walker, we find out that Gingrich isn't even supporting the guy. From JSOnline:

In response to a reporter's question, Gingrich said he wasn't endorsing Walker, and Gingrich's presence did not mean he preferred the county executive over former Republican Rep. Mark Neumann, who also has said he will likely seek the party endorsement for governor in 2010.

Doyle is expected to seek a third term.

"When I was asked to come, Scott Walker was the only candidate in the race," Gingrich said. "My goal, frankly, is to fill up the slate" with solid candidates all over the U.S., he said.

Apparently, even Gingrich understands that Walker isn't a solid candidate.

That's almost as funny as Walker actually getting endorsed by Jessica McBride.


  1. The Gingrich thing makes no sense. Wisconsin by and large is a liberal state. Aligning yourself with a stone-age conservative nitwit such as Newt Gingrich in no way helps Walker with undecided moderates. This may help him in the Republican primary, but it's definitely not an asset longterm.

    But since when has Scott 'slash & cut' Walker ever considered the longterm benefits of anything in his myopic and dogmatic assault against the government from the inside out?

  2. I concur. Look at who he just named to be chair of his campaign. Now he has ties to the Bradley Foundation, which produced the racist document, The Bell Curve, in which they tried to revert to the 1800s by saying African Americans are inherently dumber than whites.