Sunday, January 24, 2016

Deanna Alexander's Epic Temper Tantrum

A couple of weeks ago, candidates for the spring election needed to submit their nomination papers.  To keep our elections fair and just, opponents have the right to challenge those papers.  These challenges are reviewed by an election board to see if they have any merit to them.  In Milwaukee County, that entity is the Milwaukee County Election Commission.

In Milwaukee County's 18th Supervisory District, incumbent Deanna Alexander exercised her right by challenging the papers of one of her opponents, Martha De La Rosa.  It should be noted that Alexander's challenge came in after the time was up but the Election Commission decided to accept it anyway.

Alexander's challenge was based on the spaghetti principle - throwing everything she could and seeing if anything stuck.  While some of her challenges were accepted, De La Rosa had enough signatures to appear on the ballot.

Poor old Alexander must be feeling pretty damn nervous about De La Rosa, because she went to her campaign website and threw an epic temper tantrum:
The Milwaukee County Election Commission (MCEC) deliberated in closed session for several hours Tuesday after Deanna Alexander brought a legal challenge that the second 18th district candidate seeking election to the County Board in April’s Election did not fulfill the necessary filing requirements.

The MCEC partially affirmed Alexander’s case, recognizing that the other candidate submitted signatures from people that did not reside in the district or who provided fictitious, non-existent addresses.

However, when Alexander showed that the other candidate had put the wrong election date on nomination papers, had circulated papers with two different district numbers on them, and had failed to file a current Declaration of Candidacy or a signed and current Campaign Registration Statement by the filing deadline, the Election Commission chose the most loose and lenient possible interpretations of the law and dismissed the challenge.

The Election Commission also ignored evidence that someone in the Election Director’s office had altered original documents just before the hearing.

“Under the guidance of the Government Accountability Board, the Milwaukee County Election Commission has made it clear that it sees its role as allowing as many people on the ballot as possible, rather than to properly maintain the integrity of the election process by following both the intent and the letter of the law,” said Alexander.
It's one thing to be upset that her last-minute shenanigans didn't work, but to accuse the Election Commission of cheating and altering official documents? That's definitely a sign of going over the deep end in desperation.

Then again, Alexander has every right to feel a little panicky.  She is not very popular with her racist and bigoted actions.  Furthermore, not many of her fellow conservatives like her very much either and have been quietly distancing themselves from her.


  1. So your definition of late is a time stamp that says otherwise? You gotta love the Democrat way.

  2. I think it's funny that Alexander's piece refers to her in the 3rd person as though some real journalist wrote it. Ah, the Republican way ... swerve and deceive.