Sunday, January 3, 2016

Patrick Marley Comes Up With a New Policy!

By Jeff Simpson

In Capitol City Sunday, Greg Neumann had Patrick Marley from JSonline as a guest to talk about Lincoln Hills.   Where Mr. Marley had this to say:

"Our stance is the public desrves to know when they are paying an employee and that employee is not having to do any work."
Patrick Marley
Even though Mr. Marley wrote about Scott Walker on the campaign trail, he never seemed to care too much that we were paying an employee who was out partying and not doing any work.  

Speaking of Lincoln Hills, we know that Scott Walker was not working when we were paying him big money to govern, he was ignoring desperate emails from Lincoln Hills workers begging for help!

Scott Walker was too busy eating Philly Cheesesteaks to worry about doing his job. 

All under the "watchful" eye of Mr. Marley and the rest of the subservient local media in WI.


  1. S Walker is on the tax payer dime and will be until the tax payer gets sick of it and finally kicks him to the curb

  2. Typical Simpson selective outrage. Wonder if he was so infuriated over Capper blogging on the county time or Chris Larson running for county executive while also holding down his senate seat.