Monday, January 25, 2016

Facing Crippling Debt, Scott Walker Puts House Up For Sale

Scott Walker is facing a mountain of debt.

His failed presidential campaign is a million dollars in the hole. Personally, he has tens of thousands of credit card debt. Even worse he must've missed some payments because he is paying 27% interest on that debt. Most of his debt probably came from the time he was privately paying silk-stockinged lawyers to defend him during the John Doe investigations - before he set up a legal defense fund and before the Kochs started picking up the tab.

On top of all that, he is helping his two unemployed sons with their student debt after sending them to Marquette University. (Apparently Walker recognizes that he's ruined the University of Wisconsin system and didn't want his boys to go there.)

Despite the fact that Walker has sent out numerous emails begging for money and makes $140,000 a year, he still can't make ends meet.

So what does he do?

He sends his parents packing out of his house and puts the place up for sale:
Gov. Scott Walker has put his home — the one in Wauwatosa, not the governor's mansion — up for sale.

The two-story, three-bedroom house has been listed by Delafield real estate agent Premar LLC for $338,000. The listing calls the home an "exceptional colonial!" that boasts "quintessential Tosa charm!" and mentions the in-ground swimming pool, bright white modern kitchen with Corian countertops and a front-entry sunroom.

Walker tweeted Sunday night about his sons: "Matt graduates from Marquette in May. Alex from UW next May. Like many empty nesters, we are looking to downsize our home."

It appears the home on N. 68th St., which was built in 1924, was listed on Saturday. Since purchasing it in March 2007 for $310,000, Walker has painted the home's exterior, rebuilt the chimney and replaced the pool liner. Walker's home features 2 1/2 baths and a full basement on a quarter-acre. Assessed at $359,900, the home's tax bill in 2013 was $8,381.

No open houses are scheduled, but prospective buyers can request a private showing. When reached by phone Sunday, Realtor Cathy Priem said she had no comment before hanging up.
I'm so glad that the local media clarified that it was his personal house and not the governor's mansion. We all know he sold the mansion to the Kochs and Bradley Foundation as soon as he took office.

Someone might want to check out the Madison area pawn shops to make sure that Walker hasn't hocked the mansion silverware.


  1. And all this after Kohls paid him to buy all those shirts!
    I guess Tonette's coupons only go so far...

  2. I think Alex is at UW-Madison. Matt is at Marquette.

  3. Notice that he's selling the house nine years later for roughly what he bought it for? Testimony to his own failed governorship.

    1. HUH? So everyone that bought a home in 2005-2007 are failures?

    2. Look at the prices of homes in the Mpls/St. Paul metroplex during the same period. Everyone wants to move there. No one wants to move here. That is Walker's doing, plain and simple.

    3. Here ya go, Jeff. Read 'em and weep.

  4. I have heard that the Kochs were furious with Walker for not preparing for the GOP debates and his beyond-stupid remarks in Israel. Frankly I wonder how long they're going to let him swing before they bail him out. Would not be surprised if they or Scottie's other bosom buddy Diane Hendricks buy his house for him. OTOH... beware of billionaires who have already gotten what they want.

  5. Actually, a vary frugal move by our Governor.
    His mortgage payment is probably $1,500 per month plus $8 grand year savings on property taxes comes to close to $75,000 saving over better part of 3 years. Smart man.

    1. Maybe he plans to just, you know, crash at the Governor's Mansion indefinitely and let the taxpayer subsidize his emergence from the financial wasteland. Otherwise, he'll have to find a replacement house once the Tosa place sells, so that 75 grand in "savings" will be a mirage. Smart man? Really??

    2. There ain't a Republican in the world who will sell a home to a civil servant with a million dollars of personal debt. Just sayin'.