Sunday, January 10, 2016

Larson Is Running Strong, Abele Begs His Way Onto Ballot

As the gentle reader probably already knows, candidates for the spring elections recently needed to turn in their nomination papers to be certified to be on the ballot.

In Milwaukee County, the excitement got turned up by a few notches with the chance to elect Chris Larson, a truly progressive candidate who will actually listen to and respect the people of Milwaukee County, a person who will restore the office of County Executive instead of County Emperor, as Boss Abele has made it.

The people are responding well to Larson too.

Larson had scores of volunteers gather 5,000 signatures, two and a half times more than what was needed and 1,000 more than he could even submit.  I guess that listening to people, being positive and empowering people might be a good thing after all.

Compare that to Boss Abele, who had paid "volunteers" gathering signatures.  Apparently they weren't doing so well and Abele had to resort to a mass mailing of his nomination papers with the following letter attached, begging people to help him get signatures:

Here's a closer look at the part where he's forced to ask people to pass his paper around:

Despite the paid "volunteers," the plea for assistance and the advertising ad nausea, Abele managed to gather only 3,200 signatures.  There is no indication how many of those signatures he had to pay for.

Yes, it is enough to get him on the ballot, but it is also a pale comparison to the level of excitement and the level of commitment seen by Larson and his team.

It is even more important to note that Abele is the incumbent, which is usually a formidable obstacle for any challengers, especially in Milwaukee.  It doesn't appear to be helping him much.  Maybe his "leadership" style of being a bully, doing what he wants regardless of what the people want and what is actually best for the county and showing utter disdain for the people isn't working out too well for him after all.

If you want to join the fun and the excitement and show your support for Chris Larson, you can do so via his website.

Not only does Larson need you, but Milwaukee County does too.


  1. So people don't like politicians who arrogantly buy their own elections. No surprise. Even the Koch brothers lament how little influence they can Garber with their sick agenda. Great posting...Thanks

  2. Still waiting for capper to call for sticky fingers to resign for the Wis state senate. Cause according to him and Simpson if your a republican you can't run for a different office while holding another elelected post. Hippocrates both of them.