Friday, January 8, 2016

The Scott Walker Dictation Tour

By Jeff Simpson 

Scott Walker has come out of hiding, kind of, in the New Year as he has decided to grant some interviews before his State of the State address.  The problem is he only granted interviews to TV and did not grant a single interview to print media.  

Now that we start to see these TV interviews, we see why he came back to WI and only comes out with the friendlies!

Here is a perfect example of Jessica Arp, normally a good reporter, truning into Scott Walker's stenographer.

Lets break it down a little:

Walker said he's focused in 2016 on workforce development and job training initiatives, including dual enrollment programs in high schools and colleges.
"It's really about worker preparedness, getting people ready for careers that are overwhelmingly open right now and pay well," Walker said. "Part of it isn't just government programs, but trying to change the perspective and the public's view of some of these positions."

Questions regarding the fact he is not even halfway to his promsied job goal of 250,000 jobs created in his first term - 0

Questions about getting workers ready while cutting hundreds of millions of dollars to our states public education system?  - 0

Next topic:

 As for the future, the governor said he's taking a "long-term view" of reforms in the state, looking out 20 years rather than two or four. And he told News 3 he's considering running for a third term in 2018 to make sure some of those things get accomplished."That's absolutely something we'll look at," Walker said. "It won't be a decision we'll make for a year or so, but it's certainly something as we look at the long term and listen to what people are saying, and say, 'How much more do I want to do and do the people of this state want done?' If I feel I can continue to add value to the people of this state to be around to see those plans through, absolutely."

Questions about his promise to be Wisconsins Governor for four years when he was campaigning in 2014, followed by immediately running out on the campaign trail for President almost the day after he won?  - 0

Questions about blowing $7 Million dollars + in 71 days on the campaign trail - 0

Questions about paying the taxpayers back the money he owes us, while he ignored his job and campaigned for President?  - 0

Questions about would he want to be vice president or in the cabinet if a Republican wins the Presidency?  - 0

There is so much more -

Questions about the State's Deficit raising  by an extra 28%? - 0

Questions about The continual gutting of our open records laws?  - 0

Questions about ending the GAB and who will be watching the politicians now?  - 0

Questions about Wisconsin setting a record for layoffs this year - 0

Questions why a Walker win, passing right- to- work has not helped our economy take off? - 0

Questions about Republican Bob Gannon's blatantly racist press releases?  - 0

Questions about the racism within #walkerdocs? - 0

Questions about the secret router he had in his office as County Executive? - 0

Questions about Mike Huebsch telling people not to use Government channels to communicate? - 0

Questions about the bill that will allow people to desecrate ancient Indian burial grounds? - 0

Questions about the rise in poverty under Walker's Administration? - 0

If I did not know any better, I would watch thate "interview" and think that Scott Walker was doing "a heck of a job" and the only thing he had to worry about was what to do with that Ugly sweater!  

It is unfortunate that our media has let down the people of WI so badly.  The main part of an interview is for the Reporter to ASK QUESTIONS, and not just print what the subject tells you to print.

At this point all these "reporters" are doing is taking dictation!

Dictation is the transcription of spoken text: one person who is "dictating" speaks and another who is "taking dictation" writes down the words as they are spoken. Among speakers of several languages...


  1. Umm, when will you do the same post on Obama and his granting interviews to those friendly to him.
    And Walker is a hell of a lot smarter than Obama.

    1. That's solid comedy right there. Good impersonation of a foolish Bagger who lacks a sensemble if irony.

      In all seriousness, does anyone think Walker would take unscripted questions after the way his dumb ass bombed on the national stage? And Wisconsin's media is so soft they say "OK" just to get access!