Saturday, January 30, 2016

One of Mitchell Domes Closed For "Public Safety"

Despite Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele's claims that he is the opposite of Walker, the fact is that he is just as bad, if not worse, than Walker ever could hope to be.  This holds true in many different ways, including deferred maintenance of county buildings and other assets.

When Scott Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, we saw a lot of the negative effects of his willful negligence and deferred maintenance.  Part of the courthouse cornice fell off, parts of Mitchell Airport fell and hit a passenger and most tragic of all, a part of O'Donnell Park fell and killed a teenage boy and seriously injured two other people.

Due to Abele's cutting corners and refusing to replace antiquated and overloaded electrical equipment, the Milwaukee County Courthouse caught on fire and it cost more than $17 million to clean up and fix the mess that could have been avoided for a fraction of that price.

Now we're seeing more of the effects of Abele's so-called fiscal conservatism.

WISN-TV is reporting that one of the domes at Mitchell Park has been indefinitely closed due to falling concrete:
One of the Mitchell Park Domes is closed because of falling concrete.

The Desert Dome in the middle is the one that's closed for public safety.

Signs are posted across the doors of the Desert Dome alerting visitors the exhibit is temporarily closed.

The Milwaukee County parks director made the decision after recent reports that concrete was falling inside.

In a statement to WISN 12 News, Parks Director John Dargle said, "After discovering a piece of fallen concrete at the Arid Dome, the Parks Department consulted with risk management and an independent engineering firm to determine the best course of action to ensure the safety of our employees and the public. Per their recommendation, we have temporarily closed the Arid Dome until further safety evaluations and planning can be completed."
Isn't it nice how Abele can find $4 million to build an arena for billionaires but can't seem to find enough money to properly inspect and maintain county buildings?

What I also find rather disturbing is that his highly paid director of parks needed to consult with risk management and a private company to figure out that falling concrete could be dangerous and that the building should be closed to the public.  But I guess that is the mindset that takes place when your boss is a tyrant that will fire you without just cause just because he was feeling grumpy that day.

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  1. Maintenance costs money!
    Better sell it off and add to the tax base!
    You dont need it anyway.
    Prosperity will surely follow.