Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rebecca Bradley -The Do Nothing Republican Judge

By Jeff Simpson

Rebecca Bradley, the interim Supreme Court Justice, who has made a living out of being appointed to better jobs frequently by Scott Walker, has apparently taken up Walker's work ethic.

One Wisconsin Now, recently did an open records request for her calendars when she was the sitting(and sitting is an apt description here) judge in her previous positions.   After much delay she finally gave up her schedule to OWN and for 2 1/2 years her calendar was empty.

Responding to an open records request from a liberal group, the newly appointed conservative justice provided monthly calendars that suggested she had no official business other than the cases she was hearing for 29 straight months. 

A quick look at her bio and we see that she really has done nothing in her career.  Here is her extensive career public service record:

Other public service: Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge, 2015 (appointed); Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge 2012-15 (appointed); Wisconsin State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

You will not run out of ink printing that out...It makes sense though, because she has no criminal law experience either.

To compare/contrast here is her opponent the Honorable JoAnne Kloppenburg 

Other public service: Board member, Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation (2014-present); member, Wisconsin Court System Planning and Policy Advisory Committee (2014-present); speaker to bench and bar groups around the state and at conferences around the country (1993-present); volunteer faculty, University of Wisconsin Law School intensive skills course (1992-present); volunteer judge (quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals) for University of Wisconsin Law School and Marquette University Law School moot courts, and for Wisconsin High School Mock Trial Tournament (2011-present); mentor, Dane County Bar Association and University of Wisconsin Law School (2011-present); coordinator and adjunct instructor, University of Wisconsin Law School Department of Justice extern program (1995-2012); volunteer mediator, Dane County Bar Association (2010-2012); volunteer attorney, Dane County foreclosure clinic (2010-2012); board member, Wisconsin Legal Action (1991-1993)
I guess Ms. Bradley is too busy attending Republican fund raisers to worry about serving the actual public.

Ms. Bradley could not even get her own nomination papers signed, she enlisted the WISGOP to do that for her(not that she will be beholden to them if she wins).

Shining the spotlight on Ms. Bradley, with continuous bigger appointments, have shown that she is out of her league in this realm.

Rebecca bradley also opposed the clean campaign pledge, pushed by the state bar association, to keep the campaign clean and focused on the issues.   This I do not fault her on though, I think she is not opposed to running a clean campaign, just too lazy to actually do anything about it.

Things are getting so bad, Mike assigned Christian Schneider to try and run to her defense.

In a position as important as the Supreme Court, and with our Supreme Court already a laughing stock of corruption in legal circles, and an embarrassment to our state, do we really want to elect yet another Walker patsy to sit on the highest court in Wisconsin???

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