Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Get Out And Vote, Dammit!

Ah, the first official holiday of the 2016 silly season - the spring primaries - are upon us.  And to add the usual bedlam, the Republicans get to enjoy their first go around with their voter suppression in place, which might explain why they are expecting only a 10% turn out.  So bring your picture ID and your patience, because this is guaranteed to be a boondoggle.

If the gentle reader is wondering who to vote for, here is a short guide:

Wisconsin Supreme Court - I agree with Jeff Simpson that the best choice is JoAnne Kloppenburg.  The "incumbent," Rebecca "Political Appointee" Bradley is just that - Walker's handpicked denizen of the dark money slime pit and isn't even worth consideration. Joe Donald doesn't come close to the same level of qualifications as Kloppenburg.

Milwaukee County Executive - Another easy one.  The choices are the incumbent Emperor Abele, the progressive Chris Larson, the pirate and another Republican.  The only thing that Abele should be up for is a prison sentence for the corrupt way he has run the county.  Larson is the only chance we have of pulling out of the death spin its in.  If Abele manages to buy this election too, I'm not sure that there will be a Milwaukee County by the time the next election comes up.

Milwaukee County 11th District - There are two very good candidates running for this seat.  Then there is the perpetual candidate, the racist Dan Sebring, who must have finally gotten tired of getting spanked by Gwen Moore..  The people of the 11th would be well served by going either with Patricia T. Najera or Yaghnam F. Yaghnam.

City of Milwaukee Mayor - I'm not going to waste my time with a recommendation.  This race belongs to Tom Barrett.  Not so much that he necessarily deserves it but because he faces no real competition.  Bathroom Bob Donovan and the dark money candidate, Joe Davis, are just posers and don't have any appealing qualifications.  At least Davis had the decency to give up his aldermanic seat.

Milwaukee District 2 -- The only one worth taking time to consider is Chevy Johnson.  He's the one with enough experience and knowledge to know what's got to be done and how to do it.

Milwaukee District 3 - All I can say to the voters in that district is that I'm sorry and I will pray for you.

Milwaukee District 7 - I will admit that I'm torn between Khalif Rainey and David Crowley. Both are good men with their heads and their hearts in the right places.  That said, I'd give the edge to Rainey due to his proven track record.

Milwaukee District 8 - The only choice in that race is Justin Bielinski.  He's a good young man with a good head on his shoulders.  Bathroom Bob Donovan needs to just shut up and go away already and stop being a continuous source of embarrassment.  Likewise, Josh Zepnick is a spineless sellout that would be a puppet to Abele, and needs to hang it up.

Milwaukee District 9 - For this race, go with Martin Weddle.  Like Rainey, Weddle is a smart man with a proven track record.

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  1. Just got done voting in Waukesha County. Twelve people in line in front of me. Took 11 minutes to get to the front of the line. The lady in line behind me complained about people in Milwaukee on welfare who get to vote. Slid my ballot into the machine with an
    election worker standing over me looking at who I voted for. Isn't it supposed to be a secret ballot? Is this what voting looks like
    in Wisconsin now. Can't we all just vote by mail?