Friday, February 26, 2016

The Party Obstructs

By Jeff Simpson

In our Democratic Republic, we have set it up where there are two major parties(Democrats and Republicans) and they run the show.

The Wisconsin Democratic Party used to have control over the Legislative and Executive offices in Wisconsin,  but now(thanks to a few bad election cycles),  have zero relevance within our state.

While there is alot of "It's not my fault" the last few years, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand why they keep losing.

Democrat Myron Buchholz has decided to throw his hat into the ring, and go up against Congressman Ron Kind in the primary election.   As a condition of running successfully, most politicians need to get their hands on a Voter Activation Network(the VAN).   The VAN, in my experience, is pretty out of date but a useful tool.

The problem is, as useful as a tool as the VAN is, Mr. Buchholz will never know.  See the State Democratic Party, of which Mr. Buchhholz is a member, refuses to sell the VAN to him.   Seems because he is primarying an established Democrat. he must be treated as an annoyance and an outsider.

As we have noted numerous times here at CogDis, you are either all in with the Democrats or all out!

Here is the email that Mr. Buchholz received from Brita Olson:

Thank you for contacting us regarding a purchase of the Wisconsin voter file. Unfortunately, at this time, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin cannot grant access to the Buchholz campaign. It is our practice that we do not sell access to challengers of Democratic representatives in good standing. 

Email Ms. Olson and tell her to let Democracy rule and allow any Dem who wants to run to purchase the VAN.  The party should NOT be picking winners and losers....

Brita Olsen <

If you have had enough of Ron Kind fast track passing yet another free trade/job killing agreement, feel free to help Mr. Buchholz out! 



  1. When I objected to DINO Jim Brey being given money and resources (which he later pocketed) I was told that all candidates deserve to get equal consideration. He lost by 4000+ votes while Jess King lost by a couple hundred. What if those resources had gone to her? In this case they refuse to SELL access.
    It should be noted that the GOP GIVES access to their system though I cant say they do it for primary challengers or not.

  2. Down my way, we have to pay to attend a CD convention, so we can vote for CD officers and resolutions. How's that for building participation and membership?
    I've been active in four states prior to WI can conventions were at no cost.
    We say our party is against poll taxes, but we charge a "poll tax". We call ourselves the democrat party, but we don't practice democracy. We get what we deserve, WI folk like Walker & Johnson. And extreme gerrymandering. And act 10. And no Medicaid expansion and no railroad improvement money. This is not the old days with a union local every couple of blocks doing the work. Reorganize Dem Party. Open up and return phone calls Madison.

    1. Eugene where should the money to fund the Democratic Party (note the capitalization and the name of the party) come from? Who shall pay the rent and the salaries?

    2. To tom's point- who's going to cover the cost of the facility being used to your your district CD?

  3. I sent an email and await a reply. I encourage EVERYONE to write an email. Simply witholding $ without an explanation will leave the already clueless even more so. The need to know that ina State with a rich progressive tradtition it ia anaethma to withhold party information from candidates with a progressive track record.

  4. This is the e-mail I just sent to Brita Olsen.

    To Brita Olsen
    You need to either give, or allow Myron Buchholz to purchase access to the VAN. We supposedly still live in a democracy. This means that people should have the opportunity to choose their elected officials. Mr. Buchholz has the support of many people. He needs the VAN to expand his base. You should not be protecting Rep. Kind from the backlash caused by his support of trade agreements like the TPP.
    When an elected official loses the trust of the people he is supposed to represent, the people have the right to replace him with a candidate of their choosing. The only way this can realistically happen is for that candidate to have equal access to the voters.
    Play fair. Allow the voice of the people to be heard. Give Mr. Buchholz access to the VAN.

  5. Good thing the DPW had changed so much under Chair Martha Laning's tenure. Heck of a job expanding reach of Party, Martha.

  6. I sometimes wonder if the state Democratic Party isn't in the pay of republicans.