Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Bernier Bolt


By Jeff Simpson 

Republican Assembly member Kathy Bernier (R-Lily liver) walked out of a Monday meeting with representatives of three local school districts, upset when an Eau Claire School Board member stated that Wisconsin’s economy compared unfavorably with Minnesota’s.

Some local school districts got together and invited their local elected officials to eat breakfast and discuss the issues, especially around public education.   One of the local school board members had this to say:

“Fundamentally, Minnesota is beating us,” said Wendy Sue Johnson, citing a Jan. 20 article written by state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma), who also attended the meeting.
“Our (school) funding formula is broken,” Johnson added.
What did Majority member Republican Bernier have to say about this?    Nothing.

She turned tail and ran out of the building.


Bernier then got up to leave the “Breakfast with Our Legislators” session involving the Chippewa Falls, Altoona and Eau Claire School Districts at the Avalon Hotel and Conference Center in Chippewa Falls.
“It is not helpful to compare Minnesota and Wisconsin,” Bernier said, remarking that this is what she experiences with Altoona, Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls each time she attends the districts’ breakfast.
Bernier later said she hears the same theme when she meets with representatives of the three districts: “We want more money, we want more money and we don’t like this or that.”
She compared that with her meetings with rural superintendents in her Assembly district, where she said she receives helpful suggestions.
When asked about it, she had this to say.

“This vile political speech is not helpful,” Bernier said before leaving.

Apparently discussing real results of the policies that the Republicans have enacted, is now "vile speech"....

If you look at her website, Ms. Bernier has this to say:

My top priority is serving the residents of my district. Your input and comments are invaluable to me as I serve in the State Assembly. I encourage you to contact my office with any concerns or opinions that you wish to share.

She wants to hear compliments but the complain department is closed for repairs, obviously!

So sick of elected officials who are cowards and run from discussion and debate. We have a party that gets their exercise by running away from constituents!  

I guess the WISGOP need tunnels everywhere they go to escape in!


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  1. What?

    She has no defense for the actions that the republicans have taken to change the direction of Wisconsin? Not even Walkers "it's working" nonsense?

    She couldn't convince these people that the sows ear is really a silk purse?

    The truth really does hurt.