Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Republicans ponder whether lousy budgeting results in lousy budgets

MADISON – On the heels of yesterday’s statement by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald that, "I think this next state budget is going to be just as rough as this past one,” the two Democratic Assembly members of the Joint Finance Committee, Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) and Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh), released the following statement: 

“As Majority Leader Fitzgerald acknowledged, with Republicans in control, more cutting and gutting is on the horizon.  We can expect another cut and gut budget that leaves our children behind, perpetuates a transportation mess, and fails to make the investments our state needs to thrive.  The blame game and list of excuses doesn’t work anymore - they have had six years of absolute power and three budgets to get it right,” stated Rep. Taylor.  “Republicans seem intent on continuing their bad choices of huge corporate tax giveaways, which will reduce state revenues by $570 million this biennium, on the backs of our children and our future. If Democrats were in control, we would make the investments in our people we need for our state to truly move forward.”

“Perhaps my Republican colleagues need to be reminded that this budget was only ‘rough’ because of self-inflicted decisions. The Governor’s 15-17 budget actually spent over a billion dollars more than his previous 13-15 budget, so the reason why our public school classrooms and UW System have taken such a hit is no mystery.  Public education is just not a priority for the ruling party,” said Rep. Hintz.  “At the same time, Republicans chose to leave hundreds of millions of federal Medicaid dollars on the table and continue their expansion of ineffective tax cuts. Shortsighted budget decisions combined with the worst economic growth in the upper Midwest is a guaranteed recipe for continued ‘rough’ budgets.”


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  1. Not to mention all of the money that they refused for the expansion of broad band internet for the rural residents of this state. And should we talk about all of the money that has been spent on law suits because of the idiots running the gubmint here in WI. The settlement with Talgo, anyone?