Thursday, February 4, 2016

Go Radio-Active!

From the inbox:
As you know, right wing talk radio has been a major political strategy for Wisconsin’s GOP, a major irritant to all of us and a big contributor to the deterioration of Wisconsin quality of life and values. Clearly it has been a force in marshaling right wing voters, not just here but throughout the state.

Here’s what you can do about it

The Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative, “a member-owned coalition of individuals in the greater Milwaukee area committed to empowering more and more Wisconsinites to act in the public sphere to achieve social, economic and environmental justice”. You can learn more at

The Coop membership recently embarked on a new campaign that we’re calling RADIO-ACTIVE.

It’s an effort to take back Milwaukee’s airwaves from the corporatist right wing, and it features two phases:

(1) We plan to monitor local talk radio hosts, and hold them and their corporate sponsors accountable for their deceptive, hate-filled messages, and

(2) we will work towards founding a community-owned radio station that will air commercial progressive talk programming.

This will be a two step process —

Step 1

Raise $20,000 to hire a full-time RADIO-ACTIVE organizer for three months.

Step 2

In addition to the campaign’s two main goals, this organizer will also have the goal of raising enough additional funds to make the position permanent, so person can keep fighting the good fight for Milwaukee media.

Which brings me to the reason I’m writing

On the evening of Monday, February 8th, we will hold a RADIO-ACTIVE launch party and fundraiser at Karma Bar. A flyer is attached. This will be an exciting kickoff for the campaign and to start signing up new Coop members in an effort to reach our $20,000 goal.

If you can’t make that evening would you consider financially supporting this campaign. It is in an investment not just putting things back, but for moving Wisconsin ahead.

They also included this flyer:


  1. We've taken on your kind before. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech will prevail yet again. All I can say is bring it!

  2. Vicki posted this page as a link on her Facebook page. Her brainwashed listeners are threatened by views which they do not agree. Freedom of speech for me, but not for thee. They all have teeny tiny little guns, and IQs to match.

    1. Yes Iris she did, but unlike the leftist here I didn't once hear her calling on silenceing anybody. I'm a life long broadcaster and have been fighting fascist groups like this for quite some time. Yours and this groups hate is clear by both yours and the bloggers statements. First the bloggers.

      (1) We plan to monitor local talk radio hosts, and hold them and their corporate sponsors accountable for their deceptive, hate-filled messages."

      Having a differing opinion is hate filled? And what do you call trying to intimidate their sponsors? I call it jackboot thuggery. Oh and your statement just smacks of the bogus catchphrase coexist.

      "Her brainwashed listeners are threatened by views which they do not agree. Freedom of speech for me, but not for thee. They all have teeny tiny little guns, and IQs to match. " Again I'm a life long libertarian who will fight to defend the first amendment, not just theirs but yours true. But that won't stop me for calling you guys out on your out and out B.S. as can be seen on the following blogpost.

    2. 1. having a differing opinion is not hate filled, the crap and vile that vicki mckenna/sykes/behling etc spews daily IS hate filled.

      2. if you havent heard her calls for silencing anyone then you have not been listening. Both Capper and I have been the subject of attacks by the right wing and they have tried to silence both of us on numerous occassions...apparently the right likes playing the victim much more than the attacker, even though they are perpetually in attack mode.

      "Her brainwashed listeners are threatened by views which they do not agree. Freedom of speech for me, but not for thee. '''' absolutely true of the right wing echo chamber in wi...when is the last time any of them had a liberal on and discussed issues???

    3. O don't listen to Behling or Sykes so I can't respond to either of them. The only two talk shows I listen to is Josh Tolley and Vicki McKenna. Josh is a libertarian and Vicki bills herself as a conservative but has strong libertarian leanings. I have heard her bash republicans that engage in statism. As far as hate. I have not heard a single hateful thing come from her mouth. Can't make the same claim for some of the lefty talkers I've heard.

      Again and I will repeat it slowly so you guys understand. You faild to support progressive radio. It was not Corporations like Clear Channel. Trust me I'm a lifetime broadcaster and have no love for them. They gobbled up many of the major markets paying way too much for them and hurting smaller markets. They paid in the end because they paid so much for those stations that they could not make enough to pay the bills. Here's the reality from the lefty Daily Kos.

    4. Iris- That's not the only thing they have that is teeny. It explains a lot, when you think about it

  3. This effort is LOOOONG overdue. The most recent Marquette Poll shows that 65% of the state outside of the 262 disapproves of Walker and WisGOP, yet almost none of those majority voices get air time on the main stations.

    It's well past time for the balance to be restored to the PUBLIC'S airwaves

    1. Newsflash Radio is a ratings game just as tv is. The Same "Clear Channel" that you leftist bash were the first group to embrace progressive radio (Air America) on 20 of it's stations. Including Madison WI. They were eventially dropped because of poor ratings. Progressive radio failed because you failed to support it by listening. No ratings no sponsors. No sponsors no money to keep the lights on. You can cite all the polls you want but the reality is that people vote every day by what they choose to listen to.

    2. Easy fix Jake, you and all your progressive friends just go out a buy a radio station or start doing pod casts.

    3. Oh, so you admit that these RW hate stations are corporately bought GOPper-ganda using the public's airwaves to spread lies and spin to trick rubes like you? Glad you finally figured it out.

      By the way, put liberal talk on "Wisconsin's radio station", and I bet they get the same ratings as WTMJ does today. And dont say I'm wrong, because IT'S NOT BEEN TRIED on the Packers/Brewers flagship.

      By the way, what threatens you Bubble-World Baggers about balance in media, anyway? Afraid you can't win a fair fight in the arena of ideas?

      You're right, you can't. Which is why you have GOPper-ganda in the first place.

    4. One poll shows that outside of the 262 area code that the majority disprove of Walker, but the last (election )poll shows that the majority of the voters approve of Walker. Seems that polls are erroneous fiction and elections are real. Also - if you want to see economic polling data, look at the TV views of Fox news versus ... well, most every other news org. Seems more data showing that left leaning news / talk isn't popular. Oh, then again we could compare the listening audience data of, say, Air America to Rush Limbaugh ... but that would be more bad news for you.

      How about this - go raise some investors to either buy your own station to air all the new/talk that YOU want, or get a show onto an existing station and see how the marketplace treats you. Economic forces being what they are, if you are indeed popular, then advertisers and money will follow.

      But no - you just want to squelch other's free speech that you disagree with. How very Stalin of you.

    5. You're seriously equating November 2014's election results (which mostly matched polls- a small Walker victory), with the polls that take place TODAY, 15 months later? Do you know how dumb you sound?

      But I guess that explains why you listen to garbage like Icki and Sykes and hide out in whatever cultural trash heap you call home. And hey, you have that right to be wrong and stupid, and even have the right to have your shows on the air.

      We're just asking why us liberals, who were right about Scott Walker from day 1 and whose opinions are backed by the majority of Wisconsinites, don't have the same access to the PUBLIC AIRWAVES as dimwits like you.

      And by the way, your "free speech" does not leave you free from accountability. Which is exactly why this Public Citizen campaign is so good, and why the prospect of having your Bubble-world crushed leaves you far from "Unintimidated." Toodles, Bagger Boy!

    6. You mad bro? hahahahahaha

      I can almost see the spit and froth coming from your mouth as you type. Calling me names, etc. Sure dude. Keep it classy.

  4. So you don't like the first amendment (ie. free speech)?

  5. Except that no where in the article has anyone said anything about shutting down right wing squawk radio. The only people that are raising that bogeyman is the right wingers who know that they could not stand a chance in a fair fight - or when dealing with the truth.